Investments Advice by Capital Group’s Chairman

Based on the article, American’s can be more safer and earn more in investing on passive index returns compared to index funds this is due to the fact that index funds expose their investors to volatility and losses during the market down turns. The article further moves to compare actively managed funds with index funds stating that averagely the actively managed funds has done worse than the market over a long time period.

Tim Armour started working at capital group, after graduating and was named the capital group chairperson on July 28, 2015 succeeding James Rothenberg. He attained a degree in economics from Middlebury College, after which he went on to work at capital group in the associates program he later went on to become an equity investment analyst where he covered global telecommunications and U.S service companies. He worked as the equity portfolio manager and fund advisor of that company. He also has notably donated to many nonprofit organizations most notably the Middlebury College that he schooled and the international medical corps.

Capital Group in the year two thousand and fifteen came to a partnership with Korea based Samsung asset management, in order to build up retirement solutions and property allocation. Under the agreement, capital group would help Samsung gain know how on Capital’s way of management. Tim Armour’s take on the partnership was that it would recreate investment methods to boost Korean’s investors and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

During the market sell off 2015 U.S markets were resourcefully respected and estimation were strained this led to the selloff. Tim Armour’s comment on this was that, it was the market reexamination that was greatly awaited during the time and learn more about Timothy.

Post Trump changes in market are realistic as depicted by capital group chairperson. His take on this is that trumps presidency would be accompanied by high economic growth, high interest rates and high inflation he stated that trumps unexpected victory had strained markets and more information click here.

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Samuel Strauch Shows the Best Suburban Places to Live in America

Your family is important to you. Where you raise your family can change everything for their outcome in life. Research shows that children growing up in the wrong neighborhood can fail to go to college and end up with a very altered life. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right suburban place to live in America. Here is where Samuel Strauch says are the best suburban places to live in America.

Colorado’s Denver

As one of the most culturally diverse, busy small, big towns in America, Denver is one of the best places to find a suburban place to live in America. The best zip code is 80239 which has Stanley Marketplace now and several other places that Millennials will thrive in. Visit his Tumblr.

Texas’s Big D

Dallas, Texas is one of best suburban places to live in America as well. It has an excellent housing market, plentiful employment opportunities and more colleges to choose from, than any other place in America today. Your children will rarely, if ever, come across any criminal influences in 75098. It is the perfect zip code to raise a family.

California in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but it does have some benefits. In the 94568 zip code, residents have some of the best schools in the nation. They have better air quality, an excellent nightlife and cultural experiences that beat any other place in America. Click here to know more.

Austin, Texas

Music is all that needs to be said about this town. On top of that, it turns out that it is also one of the top suburban places to live in America. Like San Fransisco, the housing market is pricey, but the incentives really can’t be beat.

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Jose Borghi – A Thoughtful Analyzer and a Great Advertiser

Mr. Jose Borghi is the creator of Mullen Lowe Agency. He is known as the best advertiser of the media. He can produce several campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat. Mr. Jose Borghi was well aware of his career, but he did not know about his future. He won the Cannes Lions award.

Mr. Jose Borghi was born and raised in Presidente Prudente and did his graduation from PUC-Campinas in advertising and Propaganda by PUC. The company assumed its name, Borghi Lowe in the year 2006. The ad agency has developed to a great extent since then both in the domestic and international market.

The firm united with Lowe and Partners and also the Mullen group. The agency is known as Mullen Lowe Brasil nowadays. Mr. Borghi became the CEO, and Mr. Andre Gomes was his partner. He can work in the worst scenarios. He has been in complete charge of the most important cases.

Mr. Borghi mentions that a disaster may be the chance for the advertisers to exhibit the relevancy of marketing. You need to be aware how to make the strategies in a friendly and a planned manner. Mr. Borghi remarked that the marketing departments have to create innovative strategies that have the ability to neutralize the impact of economic uncertainty. Mr. Jose Borghi stresses on the fact that there has to be a relationship of complete trust and to bring in of new customers in a consistent manner and learn more about Borghi.

He believes that the brands need to utilize the technology and that enables the market to be assessed thoroughly. Mr. Borghi emphasizes that it is important to be there in the different online media and provide the best content. He remarks that one has to opt for the strategies that enhance the business to a great extent so that the customers feel encouraged to purchase the brand and his Youtube.

Profit With Traveling Vineyard

If you love to drink fine wine, then it is a good idea to profit from it. You can become a Wine Guide and prepare events to host wine tasting.

By signing on to Traveling Vineyard, they have the knowledge and expertise to help and support you start a new business that so many people are passionate about.

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Anyone can be a Wine Guide from stay-at-home moms to people retired. The best part is you are the boss and work when you want to. You decide how many events you want to prepare each month. You get to decide if you want to do this part time or full time. You can build a team or community of people who are interested in wine tasting and it is a ton of fun. You do not have to be a wine expert to be a Wine Guide.

Many Wine Guides describe it as the most fun job they ever had. There are opportunities for more money and bonuses as you reach certain goals and benchmarks. You get a regular paycheck three times a month. Throw a party, sip some fine wines, hang out with fun people, and get paid doing it sounds like a great life.

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A NYC and George Street Photo Combo Creates Unforgettable Moments

George Street Photo and Video Address have really made some spectacular wedding experiences over the last few years. Of course, it’s not just about the quality of the camera, but the location as well.

George Street’s NYC location can really bring your wedding to life. NYC is one of the most iconic places in the world and nobody brings that out better than George Street and their amazing photographer. The architectural wonders in NYC are to really be cherished. Whether you’re at the Empire State Building or the One World Trade Center. You can’t take a bad picture in NYC.

Just as amazing as the shoots in NYC is their location in Chicago. Chicago will always be a hub of culture with a unique and inspiring setting that George Street catches with ease. Chicago is home to world-famous Willis Tower and it really brings life to your wedding pictures.

NYC and Chicago are our top spots when it comes to aesthetic in photography and George Street Photo and Video is our top choice wedding photographer to really bring in the magic.

Mike Baur Co Founds Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is currently the co founder of the company Swiss Startup Factory. As an entrepreneur, he runs and operates a business that specializes in providing coaching and mentorship to other entrepreneurs. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike has spent a portion of his career in the banking industry where he would assist businesses with their financial affairs. Along with being involved in the banking industry, Baur would also spend a number of years investing in startup businesses. One of the things that has made Mike one of the more successful business people in Switzerland is his ability to help startup companies in a number of ways. His company Swiss Startup Factory is the entity that allows him to use his expertise to help businesses reach their maximum potential.


Over a span of three decades, Mike has worked with many startup businesses. By working with startup businesses, Mike has lots of experience helping various startup companies find ways to get established as well as make progress towards reaching a number of its objectives. With all of his experience, Mike is very aware of what startup companies need in order to become successful enterprises. Baur knows that sound financial management, good general management, product development and effective marketing are what make a business successful. Mike is also aware that businesses need to meet a demand in the market as well. As a result, he helps businesses that are in position to capitalize on an important trend in the economy.


During the beginning stages of his career, Mike worked in banking where he would provide funding to a number of startup companies. He would routinely go over the business idea and determine its potential to make steady revenue. If it is determined that a business will likely make money, Mike would often approve of loans to enable businesses to reach its financial goals. After he was done working in the banking industry, Baur would move on to invest in startup companies for ten years. As a startup company investor, Mike would use his money to make profits off of his returns. This was a very successful activity for Mike and prompted him to eventually start up his own company.


Baur’s company Swiss Startup Factory has established itself as a top company in Switzerland. The company works with businesses by allowing them to attend an event .At this event, the owners are able to present their idea and upon approval from Mike, are given mentorship and coaching. This assistance often consists of giving businesses advice on things such as marketing, management, finance and product development.

Jose Borghi; The Brains Behind the Creation of Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency

Jose Borghi is the man behind the creation of Mullen Lowe Advertising agency, initially called BorgiErh. Over the years, this advertising agency has grown and developed to become one the most prominent advertising agencies in Brazil something not many people including Borghi ever thought would happen. Borghi’s works have been recognized as he has been the mastermind behind some of the most famous and high profiled advertisement in the history of Brazil advertising industry. He once masterminded an advertisement where children were featured while dressed like stuffed animals while singing one of Brazil’s folk song “Is Love.” Regardless of the fact that he created the advertisement long time ago, people in Brazil still remember the ad which proves that indeed, Mr. Borghi is good at what he does.

His career journey was not an icing on the cake as he had to undergo numerous challenges and hurdles that helped in shaping the person he is today. To begin with, Jose Borghi was not even sure what career he wanted to pursue when he was young, but everything changed the moment his sister went with him to a screening in a local theater of one of the most prominent ads in the globe. While still there, Jose was intrigued by how some of the ads had many Lions Awards, and he promised himself that one day, he would win the accolade. Everything he saw that day intrigued him, and he decided he would pursue a career in marketing. This led to him joining Pontifical Catholic where he studied marketing and learn more about Borhgi.

After graduation, Jose began working, and his first job was at Standart Ogilvy, a marketing firm. As years went by, he worked in numerous adverting companies in Brazil before he decided to begin his own company by partnering with Erh Ray. They called the firm BorghiErh before Erh choose to sell his shares, and Jose called the firm Mullen Lowe. Jose believes that everything he went through helped in shaping the man he is today and read full article.

Hussain Sajwani – The Tycoon Entrepreneur From the Middle East

Hussain Ali Sajwani is the chairman and founder of the international property development company commonly known as DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani is among the pioneers of the Dubai property market expansion industry.

Sajwani’s Business Profile

DAMAC came after Hussain Sajwani established his name in the hotel industry. During the mid 90s, Sajwani built a series of hotels meant to accommodate the huge population streaming into the emirates to conduct trade and business. Hussain Sajwani has an impressive track record of doing business in the capital markets and global equity. Read more:DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots and Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Currently, he has investments in numerous global and regional markets.Sajwani’s initial investment was DICO Investments Co LLC which begun in 1992. Other businesses by DICO Investments include “Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co”, “Al Amana Building Materials”, and “Al Jazeira Services”.

Sajwani graduated from the “University of Washington” and immediately began his career at GASCO. He was a contracts manager in the company. Shortly afterwards, he founded his own enterprise and later ventured into the business of catering.

From this humble beginning, the catering section grew tremendously and today it is an authority in the market with over 200 projects and dishing out more than 150,000 meals per day in numerous markets including Africa, CIS, and the Middle East.

The business provides services to army camps, campsites, 5 star hotels, and educational institutions. The institution is also involved in offering ancillary services such as manpower supply, maintenance, and camp managements.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani spotted a lucrative market opportunity and founded DAMAC properties. This firm is currently one of the biggest development organizations in the Middle East. DAMAC is involved in numerous projects around the world including in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Jedda, Beirut, Riyadh, Amman, and London.

Sajwani’s Relationship With Donald Trump

The success story of the DAMAC owner is not complete without mentioning his involvement with the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani and Trump have been in business for a while and have collaborated on many issues involved in expanding their real estate enterprises.

Currently, the two tycoons are caught up in a deal involving the “Trump Organization”. The two have already partnered on the “Trump International Golf Club”, a deal that has seen the luxury villas garner up to $2 billion worth of sales.

According to business guru, the Hussain Sajwani family ties with the Trumps go beyond the U.S. president and also involve his daughter Ivanka, and sons Donald Jr and Eric. All the three children are involved and this is one of the reasons their relationship is more than a business affair.

How Online Reputation Is Managed

For businesses to keep customers coming, it is important for them to know how to manage their online reputation. For those that don’t know how it’s done, online reputation management consists of monitoring all of the mentions of the company. In other words, they have to find every conversation about the company that is on the web. The larger a company gets, the harder of a task it is to be done by an individual. Fortunately, there are people that take the time to handle online reputation for a living. There are also tools that are available to track all of the mentions of the company or individual.

One very important thing for businesses to do is to encourage customers to give their feedback. Of course they don’t want to encourage everyone to give feedback; they go for the most satisfied customers in order to encourage feedback. The more positive feedback a business gets, the more likely it is going to grow as a business. However, people are also going to post negative feedback. This is actually inevitable. After all, a business is going to get feedback of all types as it lives and grows.

It is important to discern what to do with bad feedback. One thing that is to be understood is that not all bad feedback is going to be valid feedback. There are a lot of users on the internet that would post a bad review of one line. These types of feedback are not worth pursuing. However, it is the one feedback that is specific in what the company has done wrong. This is where the business owner has to take the time to respond and make sure that everything is okay with the customer. This is when there needs to be a resolution for both the customer and the company.

Troy McQuagge: A Professional Insurance Specialist and Award Winner

Troy Mcquagge is a corporate and business professional located in Panama City, Florida. He’s the CEO of UsHealth group, and he has accomplished amazing success in the course of his profession. Troy has been providing the UsHealth Group his services in numerous capacities since 2010. He has performed a critical part in re-engineering UsHealth Advisors and has worked as a specialist in the insurance coverage field for longer than three decades. Along with his extended reputation employed in insurance companies. He’s grown to become a highly trained expert who’s been serving the insurance sector for several years and read full article.

Troy Mcquagge has expertise in attaining outstanding results in competitive marketplaces and has shown that men and women are his business. He graduated from the Central Florida University having a BA degree, and he is undeniably probably one of the most powerful and profitable CEOs from the United States. Troy Mcquagge received the One Planet Reward which recognizes businesses for their professional excellence.

UsHealth is a leading insurance provider that’s based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has two subsidiaries; Freedom Life Insurance and National Foundation Life Insurance. Troy joined UsHealth in 2010 and immediately felt the desire to re-build its captive distribution agency and in 2014, the organization registered as an unprecedented success, with a competitive growth in the health insurance market.

UsHealth group is a reputable organization that’s been supplying health-related insurance coverage in the United States and has three departments that provide its broad assortment of services. It was launched more than a fifty years ago in Fort Worth, Texas and continues to provide healthcare at an affordable cost.

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