Lacey and Larkin castigate Joe Arpaio’s pardon

Presidential pardons in the United States have been controversial at times. Presidents have given pardon to people who have been implicated with issues that some feel do not deserve pardon. Presidential pardons are however common as presidents are about to end their terms. Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Twitter

However, for the current president Donald Trump, this has not been the case. The first thing that he did after taking over the office was to pardon a rogue office called Joe Arpaio, who is the former Sheriff of Maricopa County.

President Trump in what appeared to be an endorsement of the actions of Joe Arpaio exonerated him from any court cases that he was facing. Trump took this step at a time when the sentence had not even been handed to him. It was rather unusual to see a presidential pardon being given to a person who has not even served a jail term. In fact, no one even knew what he was going to be his sentence.

The relationship between President Trump and Joe Arpaio seemed to have led to the decision. Even before he became president, Trump, and Joe Arpaio had worked together pushing for anti-immigration laws in the United States. In fact, these two were behind the birth certificate issue that faced Former President Barack Obama. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They pushed him to show his birth certificate since they claimed it was fake and that he was not born in the country. During the presidential elections of 2016, Trump campaigned on the premise of anti-immigration. He talked a lot about how he would build a wall that would separate Mexico from the United States so that he could stop the illegal immigration.

Joe Arpaio was behind a series of human rights violations that happened to the Latinos in Maricopa County. Joe Arpaio built concentration camps that he used to hold people who were caught in the county without the necessary documentation.

The concentration camps were, however, the worst place that one could live in. There was no supply of basic human needs, and the conditions were also horrendous. Joe Arpaio had established these concentrations camps instead of building proper jails with money which had been allocated to the county.

Joe Arpaio wanted to mistreat the immigrants who were in the county so that any other person who wanted to move to the U.S illegally could cancel such missions.

Although he claimed to be pushing for a worthy course, the manner in which he carried out his role of enforcing the law was rogue. No one in his right mind should discriminate people in such a way. In fact, many people concur that immigration is not a crime that should see people discriminated or tortured in the manner he did.

Joe Arpaio was also behind the arrest and torture of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists from Arizona who exposed his crimes to the public through their media outlet “Phoenix New Times.” The two are human crusaders who believe the actions of Arpaio were illegal and deserved to be punished. They have vowed to continue pushing for human rights to be respected in Arizona, even after the pardon of Joe Arpaio.

What You May Not Be Knowing About Robert Deignan

Many customers across the globe have taken a deep breath of relief after a trustable digital service company has risen to counter and solve all their concerns on technology, be it troubleshooting or other connectivity issues, ATS Digital Services is there for them. The company has been committed to solving the needs of its customers by ensuring that their customer’s computers are not faced with any malfunctioning and are efficiently running well. The company was co-founded by Robert Deignan who also happens to be serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Robert Deignan was born and grew up in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He later went to Purdue University where he graduated with Organizational Leadership degree. It is amazing how this expert has been in the technology field for over 2 decades which sprung up from the time he graduated. His passion was to own a business and pursue his entrepreneurial skills buried in him. He joined Miami Dolphins and later NY Jets which catapulted him to co-found Fanlink Inc. After 3 years in this company, he joined iS3 Inc. as the Vice President. This company was dealing with technology and offered various services like digital security and personalized technical support. Robert had passion in technology and wanted to develop his own venture. And in 2011, his dream was actualized when he started ATS.

At ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan has made it a place where every need is fully fixed whether it is mobile devices issues, installation needs, data storage or any other technological issue. The variety of services offered at ATS makes it outstanding and unassailable among equals. The company also has a great number of experts who are well experienced when it comes to technological issues just like their CEO. ATS takes pride in treating their customers with respect and the best tools available.

Robert Deignan clearly understands that if customers get the right service through his services, then his business would be running successfully. That’s why he has been committed to ensuring that his company delivers the right things needed by his clients. Being thoroughly focused on their customers has made them be certified by AppEsteem. He likes sporting that’s why you can often find him in the Atlantic Ocean during his free time.

4 Secrets to The Success Of fortress Investment Gift

Fortress investment group is a firm which manages investments worldwide. It has distinguished itself in the finance market as a leader in asset management. It is in New York. Its founders wanted to create finance opportunities using the best investment plans. With more than a hundred years’ experience in asset finance and investment, it is a global expert in asset finance and investment. Its record has stood the test for performance in a cutthroat industry. The group has weathered the storms and emerged as an asset finance manager that offers the highest quality of services.


Their work and services are deeply rooted in their history and heritage. The group has always been committed to inspiring and offering the best opportunities in financial management and investment. Fortress investment’s definition of asset management goes beyond finance. From hedge funds, real estate management to debt securities, it offers everything its customers need to grow their money safely. It combines the best of management, innovation and customer service to create opportunities for its large clientele. Transparency and fairness are at the heart of everything the firm does. As a result, it has received favourable reviews from media reports about investment.

Customer Care

Reliability and top-notch customer service set Fortress Investment group apart. Many clients rate it as a reliable asset manager which provides top class service. Customer satisfaction is critical, and one of the main reasons Fortress retains a position of distinction in the finance market. At Fortress, the employees listen to customers and treat each professionally and expeditiously, as if he or she was the first or last. That is why the group has distinguished itself as a partner. The work culture at Fortress emphasises on respect and a belief in others. The staff listens to clients. Together with their clients, they have created a global network of profound investment opportunities.

Leadership and Staffing

The firm boasts of an impressive staff portfolio and board. Its co-chairman and the principal is Peter briger. Briger is a renowned manager and investor with a formidable business record. Forbes rated him as one of America’s leading billionaires. Together with a board that comprises skilled and experienced financiers and investors, he leads a selection of highly professionals carefully selected, dedicated consultants and s other staff. The staff at Fortress is focused and hardworking and happy. Many relishes working in the fast paced environment of the firm. Fortress Seeks $2 Billion for Debut Direct Lending Pool


There are many challenges in the world of finance. These include competition, scarce resources and underpricing. Fortress Investment group continually innovates and renews its product profile to counter market competition. The secret is offering customers services relevant to their needs. Since these needs are ever-changing, Fortress investment group continually communicate regularly and innovate continually. Fortress pays $66M for SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach

Fortress investment group began as a dream to provide opportunities for sound investment. It remains committed to its dreams to change lives for the better. Through sound investment and management policies, it empowers millions to live the lifestyle of their choice. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager


Bob Reina: Look At What He’s Done

Bob Reina prides himself on being a beacon of hope for every single person out there. If they were ever doubting themselves of wondering if they could do something, Bob Reina wants them to look at him and say: “Bob Reina has done it and so can I.” One has to know Bob Reina’s backstory. This is an individual that used to work in law enforcement. It was a career that meant a great deal to him and it still means a great deal to him. He knows what it took to succeed at that job and get it done the right way. He lived it.


One of the most important things he gained from that job was the chance to experience life and meet a lot of people along the way. Bob Reina has an incredible brain that retains information, left and right, and because of this, he knows what people are unhappy about in life and what makes them happy as well. He knows it all. It is all stored in his brain, and he has kept it there and he will keep it there forever. The same has applied with his transition to being the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the video communications company.


He started the company up in 2007, and now they are the gold standard in video technology. That is something that Bob Reina holds as a source of pride. He knows it was not easy, and he knows the amount of work he put into it. He is also well aware of all of the people that have played an important role in the success of the company. Bob Reina would never come out and say he did it all by himself. It was a group effort, and every man and woman has done their job to the fullest at Talk Fusion. They have all pitched in and worked a lot of long hours.


Bob Reina is grateful and thankful for them. He knows the sacrifices they have made for the company. However, they have done it for the people, most importantly. They know the people are the lifeblood of Talk Fusion. When Bob Reina gets to hear from them directly and he finds out how the company has made their lives easier, that is when he knows, without a shadow of a doubt, he made the right decision to start this company. Learn more:








Rodrigo Terpins and The Inspiration He Gets From His Father To Succeed in Racing

It must be said that there are so many things today that could distract a passionate goal chaser or any achiever. There’s so much fascination we have for characters who always drive to push their limits, because we know how hard it is right now to do. It is hard not because of the lack of skills, confidence, decisiveness and strategic thinking that people have. It’s hard because there are so many distractions. There’s easy pleasure from social media and whole lot of superfluous videos that take one’s time. Fortunately, for racers and achievers like Rodrigo Terpins, these distractions are nothing compared to their drive to achieve their goals.



The Racer Beyond Racing



It is the mission probably of Rodrigo Terpins to make his sports fan father proud. He is in the racing world not because he wants to prove anything because there’s really nothing to prove anymore. He continues to navigate difficult tracks and rallies, such as the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally, because he wants to carry the love for sports that was a legacy from his father. Rodrigo Terpins’ father was a renowned sports enthusiast, too, and was even a volunteer as a director for basketball groups. Without that kind of passionate father about sports, it would be hard for Rodrigo Terpins to get the inspiration that he needs to win a race. You can visit for more details.




The Fruits of His Labor



Fortunately, the efforts of Rodrigo Terpins are often paying off. He maintains the standing in the racing today because he is winning in a series of race victories. With his T-Rex vehicle under the MEM team with his brother Michel Terpins, his willingness to fight for the arduous race tracks and goal that he aims has really brought glory to his name.



There’s more to racing than just racing, true, but Rodrigo Terpins upends that notion by making sure that he always still achieves the goals that he sets for every game he joins: to win it. This won’t be hard to do, though, because with his father as his inspiration, it might seem that there’s nothing else out there that he would not be able to do.


Stansberry Research and its focus on financial and investment advisory.

Stansberry Research and its focus on financial and investment advisory.

Stansberry research was founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry by then who was the editor of the oldest financial newsletter known as The Fleet Street Letter. Stansberry Research is an organization that is privately owned and mainly deals with publishing advisory newsletters. The newsletters are published on a monthly or bimonthly basis and have been written by financial editors. The topics mainly engaged in the forum include oil, natural resources, power and investments in mining companies. Other topics that are included cover areas such as alternative investments and healthcare. The financial editors that write the newsletters are experienced and well equipped with knowledge in a wide range of disciplines. Porter Stansberry is the editor of Stansberry Investment Advisory and is a believer that everyone is a student of life. He recently wrote a publication about the only investment he would teach his child. In his opinion, most people’s wealth would be affected in the event of an economic crash. Porter was very excited about the idea of investing in insurance stocks ( The stocks that he particularly pointed out were those of companies that dealt with property and casualty (P&C). The P&C companies primarily focused on insurance markets that were unregulated. Porter’s grounds were based on the fact that these companies were bound to earn far much more in premiums as compared to what they would pay out in the form of claims. Porter Stansberry backed up his argument with the story of how Shelby Davis made his fortune, and many decades later his family is still basking in the glory of his genius investment. While serving as a superintendent for insurance companies, Shelby Davis had access to all records of insurance companies. He then took a well-calculated step to invest in those that were bound to gain more in premiums over a period. Though having experienced few stumbling blocks on the way, his story is one of a successful investment. Those smart enough to join in on his new venture such as Benjamin Graham mentor to Warren Buffet made a fortune for themselves, Stansberry Research shared. Benjamin Graham retired voluntarily from active leadership and lived comfortably with the dividends from his investment in insurance stocks.

How Ambassador Daniel Taub helped UK-Israel Trade Reach the Golden Era

The role of an ambassador is to maintain and improve relationships between the home country and host country. Every ambassador desires to see this relationship grow and bear long-lasting fruits during their tenure.

Daniel Taub is one of those ambassadors who managed to accomplish this goal, among many. He made significant improvements between his nation and the host when he was the Israel ambassador to the UK.  Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

As clearly stated in an article Algemeiner published in their website on June 19th, 2015, the trade relationship between the two countries improved tremendously under the leadership of Taub. This post stated that UK and Israel witnessed a double growth in bilateral trade.

Taub’s tenure lasted four years. During these years, the business, cultural and academic link between Israel and UK also increased. According to the article, the trade in these nations entered a golden era and this lead to the establishment of over 300 Israel businesses in the UK.

Moreover, the Israel- Britain Commerce Chamber managed to make more than $5.5 billion in annual bilateral trade. The State for Business, Innovation and Skills British secretary then, Sajid Javid, said that this figure could have reached $7 billion.

About Daniel Taub

Taub was born in the United Kingdom. His parents resided in England, and this is where Daniel Taub was brought up throughout his early years. Taub studied at a high school known as Haberdasher Aske Boy and eventually joined the Oxford and Harvard universities for further studies.

When Daniel Taub was in his 20s in 1989, he decided to take a trip to Israel where he joined the Israeli defense forces.

While serving in the Israeli defense force, Taub was a combat medic and then moved to the international division of law where he served as a junior law officer.

He also served as the president’s speechwriter shortly during his earlier days in Israel. Later on, he was assigned to work with the ministry of foreign affairs.

Daniel Taub held several positions when he was in Israel’s foreign ministry, from political to diplomatic and legal roles. He played vital roles on the country’s missions and managed to represent Israel’s interests in different international platforms. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He also specialized in international law, particularly in countering laws of War and counter-terrorism laws. Taub was also a legal advisor to Israel’s operation to UN in New York and Geneva. Later in 2011, Taub was appointed to be the Israel-UK ambassador.

NGP VAN’s Innovative Software Changes Election Strategy in Political Canvassing Operations

The 2016 federal elections were significant for many reasons. Political candidates from across America come together to try and convince every day American’s that they are the best candidate for the job. However, convincing American’s to vote for you can cost a very large sum of money, upwards of $6 billions dollars. Campaign funding can cost enormous amounts of money when it comes down to being competitive in a general election.

In modern political elections, online social media websites and applications can play a key role in how these extremely important elections can play out. The political divide between parties and voter bases can make campaign strategies very confusing and difficult to establish, and this was especially true for the most recent general election.

There are new unexpected barriers in trying to successfully establish a canvassing operation, as proven by NGP VAN. The key to success is to directly connect with votes prior to major elections. New questions are being raises as to whether canvassing can still be as effective as it was in years past.

Some recent experiments show that approximately one-tenth of one percent of voters can actually be persuaded in regards to their political beliefs or voting habits. In addition to this extremely small number of potentially persuadable voters, this operation requires the canvassing operation to take place with two months of the schedule election day. These experimental results show a dim pathway for the future of political canvassing operations. NGP VAN’s campaign software is becoming innovative in terms of getting voters in front of political candidates.

However, there are new campaign organizing applications that NGP VAN is establishing in the political arena, that can make canvassing operations much more efficient and effective, especially as modern technology improves. Access to different types of voting statistics is imperative to try and establish a baseline for a canvassing operation. NGP VAN looks to continue to be the front runner when establishing the efficient strategy to a canvassing operation. This allows political organizations to change their election strategies on the fly to best adapt prior to a major general election.

Follow NGP VAN on Linkedin:


Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks: What Are They?

Banyan Hill Publishing Company is a number of investment experts which publish financial and investment advice through their company. Matt Badiali is one of Banyan Hill Publishing Company’s leading experts on natural resources and commodities markets. Matt Badiali is a specialist in his field due to the fact that he is a trained scientist. While Matt Badiali has been in the financial and investment advice industry for a number of years, he originally was a geologist. He went to school in order to receive a bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences before obtaining his Master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Visit to know more. Whenever he first was introduced to the finance industry, he was actually working on receiving his Ph.D. while teaching geology classes at the University of North Carolina. He was recruited by a financial expert who was in the process of teambuilding for a project. This team would consist of experts in the natural resources and commodities markets and would travel the world researching potential investment opportunities. Not long after first being offered the position Matt Badiali was traveling the world meeting with the leading experts from the natural resources and commodities industries.

It was during the work on one of these projects that Matt Badiali first learned of Statute 26-F. This was a piece of legislation introduced by Congress in the 1980s in an effort to hasten the speed of America’s quest for energy independence. This legislation gave of certain corporations the ability to operate tax-free. In order to operate tax-free corporations must meet a specific set of requirements that qualify them to operate as a master limited partnership. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill. Master, limited partnerships are corporations which derive 90% of their income from the processing, storage, distribution, and production of oil and natural gas domestically within the borders of the United States of America. Additionally, these corporations must pay out a portion of their revenues to shareholders in a way that is very similar to dividends in the conventional stock markets.

It is these payments that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks a term he made popular in his recent viral video. The income that is produced from these Freedom Checks is treated as a return of capital and as such is only subject to the lower capital gains rate of tax and not to the higher personal income tax rate. This makes this a unique tax-advantaged investment opportunity.


Jorge Moll’s Successful Career Story in Neuroscience

Jorge Moll is the founder and the Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He has a great medical history that he shares through an interview. To start with, Jorge has an MD in Neuroscience from Federal University of Rio de Janiero. He later got a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the renowned São Paulo University. He has a great desire of helping individuals with conditions that affect their lives negatively. He is the current president and the board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. At the same time, Jorge Moll oversees the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup (Dialdish). Beside career, he adores his family and lives with them.


Dream Job

Jorge Moll shares his idea of being part of the company he works for as a dream come true for him towards cultivating well-known research, education, and successful healthcare company in his home country. Jorge chooses ideas that can be converted into actual plans and allows him to collaborate responsibly. He gets interested in topics that touch on cognitive matters, artificial intelligence, the functioning of machines, and brains all at the same time. Some of the habits that Jorge shares that allow him to remain productive is the virtue of being transparent, skillful, and open. One of the best advice that he gives to young individuals is not to hold ideas and plans for a longer period. The best thing is to run with them or move on as quickly as possible.


Future Goal

Jorge Moll hopes that someday he will be in a position to start a company that will be in the forefront to meeting people’s needs and makes their time easy to enter the hospital, enjoy, and remembers it forever. Jorge runs this research company on the faith that in as much as there are failures and obstacles, he would use them to have a more productive strategy. He says that this would enable him to have lasting solutions that are going to be helpful to the organization and him. As he concludes his interview, Jorge Moll says that the best way to attain results in a habitual manner is by questioning the models of operations.