Securus Technologies provides Wireless Containment System to Help Save Lives

Securus Technologies has been contributing immensely to the development of technology for the prison industry. The continuously conducting research and develop products for the benefit of technology that can help prisons and correctional facilities become much safer. Today, it has become one of the top prison communication companies in the United States. The company is dedicated to providing the best service for its client across the country that will also benefit the society as a whole.


The prisons not only keep the criminals contained in one place so that they do not hurt anyone else, but it is also their responsibility to ensure that they mend their ways and do not return. One of the ways to do it is by allowing them to be in touch with their loved ones outside. For this, Securus Technologies offer high-quality communication services to prisons. But, no matter how many precautions you take, there are times when criminals find their way to cheat the system. One of the ways is by using the contraband cell phones that are smuggled into the prisons. The prison officials have taken considerable measure to stop the smuggling of illegal cell phones, but they somehow find their way inside the prison. Prisons prefer to use these cell phones to organize criminal activities inside and outside the prison.


Securus Technologies have introduced wireless containment system in prisons to help solve this particular issue. Using the technology, all the unapproved calls from these contraband phones are disconnected as soon as they come into their range. All calls that need to be made from the prison or to the prison have to be first approved by the system making it much easier to curb the illegal use of cell phones. The technology has brought a sigh of relief to prison officials and their families. In the past, these cell phones have been used to threaten the prison officials and also organize attacks against them and their families.


Among those who found it the hard way is Robert Johnson who was attacked in his home by a gang of criminals. The attack was orchestrated by someone who was serving his sentence inside the prison. Robert was working in prison and was responsible for finding and confiscating illegal materials from prisoners including cell phones. Robert survived even after getting hit by bullets six times but had to spend months in the hospital recovering. He currently spends his time working as a freelancer for Securus technologies and giving his inputs for the creation of technology that can benefit the prison industry. Securus Technologies is among the top communication and technology providers in prisons. They continue to grow because of their innovative products that are helping the prisons contain the criminals and block all illegal outside contacts while they are in there.



Larazo De Mello Brandao Resigns Leaving A Strong Legacy At Bradesco

Before his resignation on October 11, 2017, Lazaro de Mello Brandao was one of the oldest bank chairmen across the globe. Brandao, the former chairman of Banco Bradesco SA, was born in 1926. Seventeen years later, Bradesco hired him to discharge clerical duties. At the time of appointment, Brandao had not acquired a college education. Brandao is perhaps among the first employees of Bradesco as he was hired in 1943, the same year that Amado Aguiar established the Osasco-based Bradesco.

The 17-year-old Brandao discharged his clerical duties diligently and made a foray into management when the bank appointed him director in 1963. Those who know Brandao praise him because of his business acumen and dedication to his work. Indeed, after 14 years as director, the bank was convinced that Brandao had amassed the necessary skills to be Bradesco’s vice president. With Aguiar’s resignation in 1981, Brandao was the bank’s favorite to succeed the first CEO according to Although Aguiar resigned as CEO, he retained his position as the chairman of the board of directors of Bradesco. However, he stepped down in 1991 owing to his deteriorated health, allowing Brandao to step in for him.

Brandao single-handedly presided over the bank’s board as well as Bradesco for eight years. As the bank enlarged, the positions became more demanding prompting him to relinquish the presidency post to Marcio Cypriano in 1999. The change allowed him to focus solely on representing the Bradesco Foundation, the controlling shareholder of Bradesco, in the board of directors. After over 25 years as the chairman of Bradesco, Brandao, 91, made the right decision to step down, allowing Bradesco to appoint a new chairperson. Brandao is proud of his service to Bradesco. He indicated in his resignation speech that he would keep the desk he had been using over the past couple of years as a reminder of the time he spent at Bradesco.

As chairman and CEO, Brandao was a proponent of appointing Bradesco’s staff to leadership ranks within the bank. In fact, former CEO, Marcio Cypriano and the serving CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, ascended to the presidency of the bank partly because of the culture that Brandao had established. Going forward, Bradesco is likely to continue Brandao’s legacy of appointing leaders from within the company.

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What next for Bradesco?

Bradesco lost one of its greatest bankers when Brandao resigned. However, the bank has been grooming other professionals to occupy leadership positions at the bank. Case in point is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. After 48 years of service to Bradesco in various capacities, including eight years as the president of Bradesco Seguros and another eight as the overall president of the bank, Bradesco was convinced that Trabuco was the best-suited candidate to succeed Brandao. What’s more, Trabuco’s tenure in office will end in March, leaving the executive to focus on his new-found role. Trabuco accepted Bradesco’s appointment and vowed to continue Brandao’s legacy.

In honor of Brandao, Luiz Carlos Trabuco emphasized that the bank would appoint his successor from within the existing leadership ranks at the bank. Although Trabuco was not explicit, pundits came up with a list of names in line with his statement. The list includes the names of Mauricio Machado de Minas, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, Octavio de Lazari, and André Rodrigues Cano. The professionals are currently in charge of departments at Bradesco. The seven joined the bank in the ‘70s and ‘80s with the exception of de Minas and Noronha who became part of Bradesco in 2009 and 2003 respectively according to As directed by the Bradesco’s bylaws, none of them is above 67 years. In fact, all of them are in their ‘50s.

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Adam Milstein, Helping Bring Israel And The United States Together

Adam Milstein is a well-known activist and philanthropist co-founding the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation supports a variety of organizations that help Israel, Jewish people and solidifying the relationship between the United States and Israel. The services he provides, are anywhere from developing partnerships, to consulting and fundraising. Adam Milstein relies on three principles when operating his foundation. The first is investing a large amount of time in the areas of Pro-Israel advocacy and Jewish education. Secondly, to seek out funds and create programs catered to adolescence and different phases of adulthood. Lastly, to bring other non-profit organizations together to develop partnerships that work towards the goals of the Jewish community.

Milstein and his wife Gilda created the foundation back in 2000. They recognize the importance of educating and training Jewish people connect with Israel and to be proud of their heritage. The couple follows a practice of active philanthropy rather than just sending money directly to the organizations.

Milstein is a native of Haifa, Israel and the son of a real estate developer. His mother immigrated from Mexico to Israel in 1949. Adam Milstein has two younger brothers, Joshua and Dalit. The entire family moved from Haifa to Kiryat Yam when he was just a young child. In the early 70’s, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and is a veteran of the Yom Kippur War. After the army, he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Israeli Institute of Technology. After graduating from college, Adam Milstein learned everything there is to know about real estate development from his father in Haifa. He and his wife Gilda packed up and moved with their two daughters to the United States in 1981. There he continued his education, earning a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and more

Oncotarget at the forefront of science

Modern science and academic research move at the speed of light. In order to stay current, journals have had to employ new tactics, like Oncotarget has done. With deciding to publish twice weekly and a commitment to open access, Oncotarget ensures the rapid dissemination of results, from the lab bench to the larger community. These long-standing practices combined with a new podcast, that can be found on Stitcher, PlayerFM, and iTunes, makes them not only a pioneer but a leading oncology journal. In fact, Oncotarget ranks number one in total oncology documents among all oncology journals. A high volume of publications and a commitment to publishing only vetted and valid work, actions acknowledged in a MEDLINE statement, have caused Oncotarget to reach a prestigious 5-year impact factor of 5.415. Check Oncotarget at

Oncotarget publishes high impact and novel findings like the recently published article”Ketamine administered pregnant rats impair learning and memory in offspring via the CREB pathway”. The results in this article indicate that in utero exposure to ketamine alters the expression of key gene pathways. As demonstrated by several different behavioral tests, these gene pathways are critically involved in rat learning and memory. Watch this video on Youtube. It was discovered that alterations in these pathways lead to a change in the activity of a protein, CREB. This altered activity is critical in that dendritic spines are no longer able to grow and develop normally. The changes in dendritic spines likely result in the observed behavioral changes. Given the use of general anesthesia during pregnancy and the lack of knowledge on the risks associated with these exposures, these results are salient.


Oncotarget has and will remain to be a major journal in the oncology field. Their new podcast and decision to begin publishing twice a week make them a pioneer at a time when science needs to be disseminated faster and more efficiently. There is no doubt that Oncotarget will continue to have nothing less than a stellar impact factor in the years to come.

Barbara Stokes Gave Much Needed Help to GSH

Since Green Structure Homes first started, they have not had as much success as what they have had when they were working under the direction of Barbara Stokes. As the CEO, she is capable of helping people and giving attention to the areas of the business that need it the most. In fact, she has learned the best way to help the business is to be an active leader. She does not sit back and just direct people to do things in the way that many leaders have done in the past. Instead, she has learned that it is important to give direction while also being a part of the solution.

Barbara Stokes is not afraid to dive into the business and get her hands dirty. Even though she is the CEO, it is not unusual to see her working to help people with different things and being an active part of the community. She has also always tried to make sure she is there when the company needs her. Barbara Stokes feels that if there are certain needs in the company that are unable to be met, she should be the one who does them. Follow Barbara Stokes on

In everything Barbara Stokes does, she tries to give back to the community. In fact, she gives them the ability to realize there are different people who can work together and who can get the most out of the business. As long as Barbara Stokes is doing what she can to help people, she feels she is a great part of the community. Helping others allows Barbara Stokes to feel good about what she does and feel like she is a positive person who is a part of the community. It has given her the ability to change direction in the business and with others who are doing more.


Even though Barbara Stokes is a career-minded person, she still does what she can to make time for her family. There are different opportunities she has passed up because of her dedication to her family. As a mother to three children, Barbara Stokes has done everything she can to be a positive influence and show them what it means to be successful. During that time, she has also been a loving mother who is active in her children’s lives. Barbara Stokes is excellent at work and life balance between the two most important things to her. Read this article at

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Handles a Potentially Awkward Question

One of the most common questions that one would get when she meets someone else is about how she makes money. One of the most interesting things about questions related to work is that it can bring forth any type of response. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe Herd is helping people get that type of conversation out of the way. She is using the app, Bumble Bizz to answer this question for people. When women fill out their profile on the business app, they are in effect answering the question with their profile. This will help people learn whether or not they are a match for business opportunities.

While dating and relationships is a really significant aspect of life depending on who’s involved, business is the one aspect that determines whether one is able to live comfortably or not, even more so than dating and relationships. This is one of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe Herd has wanted to set up her app for business. She wants to empower women to pursue business as well as dating. Bumble Bizz is one of the best additions to the app that Whitney Wolfe Herd has brought forth in the dating arena. One of the best things about Bumble Bizz is that it is very reminiscent of LinkedIn.

In order to make the best use of LinkedIn. It is important for women to fill out their profile truthfully so that they will be able to connect with the right people who will help them achieve their goals. The best part of Bumble Bizz is that it is designed to help women no matter what industry they are trying to break into. Women have been facing many of the challenges of the world that is hostile to the idea of them succeeding for the longest time. Whitney understands that any help that women can get is good.

One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe Herd is so successful is that she is always thinking about what she can do next. She has learned that the best thing to do is seek out new experiences and goals to grow from for not only her benefit but others as well.

Louis Chenevert’s Quick and Effective Reign at UTC

Louis Chenevert helped United Technologies Corporation (UTC reach new heights. He initiated different projects which made the technology company beat the competition. Due to enhanced research, they were able to come up with new technologies which led to introduction of new materials which impacted positively on the materials used in the manufacture of jet engines. Under his chairmanship at United Technologies Corporation (UTC, he managed to enter into agreement with big corporations such as the good rich deal which he carefully negotiated for over a year. The chairman has excelled in several fields. For example, he was able to run general motors before he assumed his new role at UTC. There are several ways in which he influenced the growth of the company. Some of the ways in which he was able to inspire growth in UTC include the following:

Extraordinary Patience

Louis Chenevert spent more than a year negotiating with Goodrich before he signed a deal of $18.4
billion. Considering the financial challenges at the time of the deal signing, it was a great initiative which he was able to achieve for his company. He is a personality who knows what it takes to drive a company with a magnitude such as UTC to a new level. The careful striking of deals and making of wise decisions made it possible for him to achieve great success in his running of the company. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Development of Advanced Materials

As a way of improving the jet engine design, he initiated the development of improved materials which can burn hotter hence improve engine performance. The advanced materials made it possible to make a jet engine which is more powerful and economical. The design which has been adopted by airbus among other military planes allows jet engines to burn hotter and delivers more power. Other benefits associated with the jet engine include better fuel economy, reduced flue gas emissions and less noise pollution. It is an initiative which took more than 20 years to research and come up with a better engine performance.

Investing in the Latest Technology and Employee Education

Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporation (UTC knows it is better to develop skilled manpower and invest in the latest technology. He initiated the training of several staff from his organization. Under his leadership, he has enabled thousands of employees from his company to access scholarships and study in different American universities. The scholarships lead to highly skilled employees in his organization who delivers quality work in their line of duties. The research at the company enables them to come up with new innovations which put them at the top of the market.

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Expansion at UTC

Under the leadership of Louis Chenevert, the company has been able to expand to different fields. For example, they have managed to dominate the heating and cooling industry where they manufacture top quality products. UTC builds helicopters more than any other company in the American market. Other areas where they are involved include sensors, actuators, brakes, landing gears and flight controls. All the products made at the company are top quality which attracts costumers. Read more about Louis Chenevert at


Waiakea Water is changing the game and changing people’s minds

The nature of bottled water is considered controversial by many people. They are said to be wasteful, expensive, and unnecessary. Who needs bottled water when you can get perfectly clean water out of the tap? After use these bottles are then thrown away or recycled. A sad statistic shows that only 23 percent of water bottles are recycled, and the others are put into landfills and the ocean.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a game changer in the sea of other brands. One of the most glaringly obvious factors is that it is made in Hawaii, which is associated with being clean and all natural. This amazing water is filtered through a volcano, more specifically volcanic rock, giving is a refreshingly clean taste and amazing health benefits to boot. The bottles themselves are made of 100% recycled water bottles and the company has just invented the world’s first fully degradable bottles. How amazing is that? Waiakea also gives back a week’s worth of clean drinking water to poor and rural communities in Africa for every bottle sold. Visit to know more.

The world’s greenest and most charitable bottled water is chalk full of health benefits. Who knew that water could be healthy? Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is naturally enriched with minerals and electrolytes. It also has the almost perfect amount of silica for the body and is naturally alkaline, a state that the body is always thriving to be.

Well recognized electrolytes calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium are all. It is shown in studies that you can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 11 percent if you drink 10 mg of silica in water each day. This amazing Waiakea water is also good for hair, nails, skin, and helps reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. This can be attributed to how to water is processed through nature. It filters through 14,000 feet or porous volcanic rock on Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water donates a week’s worth of clean drinking water for every liter sold to rural disadvantaged communities in Africa. They partnered up with PumpAid to make this all possible. Waiakea Water has won multiple awards for their social-consciousness, environmentally friendly, and healthy water brand.


The Fight for Immigrants Rights Inspired by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Human, civil and immigrants’ rights are continually being violated in all countries. Many people are getting away with it, worsening the situation. Humanity has long been forgotten; people only care about their selfish personal needs.

Philanthropic groups have been formed to help deal with the situation. Every humanitarian organization is founded on a different agenda, depending on the inspiration behind its foundation. Here are some philanthropic groups and what they fight to achieve;

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund helps the organizations in Arizona that share a common belief with them. They aim at ensuring that the immigrants’ rights in Arizona are observed.

The Frontera Fund was formed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two philanthropists were journalists. They had won the implementation of the first amendments rights.

They acquired the money they used to begin the funds from the case of the sheriff. After discovering the malicious acts of the sheriff, they published them on the front page of the Phoenix New Times. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

When the sheriff heard what they had done, he was very agitated. He arrested them from their homes at midnight.

The civilians demonstrated, demanding their release. The sheriff had no choice but set them free. The sheriff was then taken to court. He lost the case and was asked to compensate the two a lump sum of $3.75 million.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA Group is based in California. It fights for immigrant individuals and families. This group was formed due to the 1986 Act. The act restricted the employment of undocumented citizens. This was going to encourage exploitation and abuse of labor.

CHIRLA Groups sorts to use the power of the majority. This is by changing the opinion of the public and using it to change the immigrant’s policies. Public and private discrimination is also a factor that the organization plans on fighting to eliminate.

The lives of many families have been improved with the intervention of the CHIRLA Group.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights has been in this field since time immemorial. The groups operate at the local, regional and international levels well.

The Advocates for Human Rights aims at creating common standards of human rights internationally and implement them.

This has been made possible by the support that they get from well-wishers, supporters, and staff.

It also investigates incidences of human rights violation and exposes them. The groups also directly assist the immigrants who may be looking for humanitarian organizations for survival.

They offer shelter for those immigrants who have nowhere to stay. The efforts they put do not go vain because we can see improvements.

Final Verdict

Immigrants’ rights are very crucial in every society. They help retain the sanity of the community. Public humiliation is one of the aspects that need to be eliminated from the society.

Through the humanitarian groups, the rights of immigrants are observed, hence improving their living standards.

We can only hope that with time, the world will become a fair and just society that has equality.

Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

A Biotech Company with Heart

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is based in New Jersey.

Amicus is also known as a biopharmaceutical company. This e that all the drugs

that it makes are based on natural or organic ingredients. The origin of these drugs are not man-made or inorganic.

Amicus Therapeutics has a number of drugs in the pipeline that deal with catastrophic rare and orphan driseases. Right now, the company is a strong believer in its lead drug called migalastat HCl that can be used alone or in combination with the enzyme replacement therapy to help people with Fabry disease. The company also has deep hopes for another drug in the pipeline called SD-101 that is will help people with rare connective tissue disorder otherwise known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Chaperone-Advance Replacement Therapeutics (CHART) is another product in the pipeline that that will deal Fabry disease Pompe disease and lyosomal storage disorders (LSDs)

One unique part of Amicus is Amicus Patient and Professional Advocacy. It works with patients, doctors, caregivers and other groups to support and deal with the unique problems that the rare disease community. Whatever challenges that this community faces in the future, this advocacy will be there to face them. This group wants to act as bridge between patients and whatever they need to make their lives easier in a short time that they have on this planet. If a person has a rare disease, this group will be there to help them. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

John F. Crowley, the Chairman and CEO of Amicus, believes his company is on the cutting edge of dealing with rare, catastrophic diseases. His team has a vision for how to deal with rare diseases in the future.

Crowley wants to make sure that the technology does not make them heartless. No matter how far advanced the technology is, he wants to make sure that the company remains compassionate when dealing with patients, caregivers and families.


The main goal of Amicus seems to be to be far advanced with the drugs, but still have a heart. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at