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Troy McQuagge: A Professional Insurance Specialist and Award Winner

Troy Mcquagge is a corporate and business professional located in Panama City, Florida. He’s the CEO of UsHealth group, and he has accomplished amazing success in the course of his profession. Troy has been providing the UsHealth Group his services in numerous capacities since 2010. He has performed a critical part in re-engineering UsHealth Advisors... Read More »

Flavio Maluf Talks About The Best Departments To Invest In 2017

Knowing that undertaking investments requires research and paying attention, Flavio Maluf, the businessman and President of Eucatex, gives his opinion on the best sectors and markets to be taking a closer look in 2017. This list was published by the Americana Inc magazine.   Technological Innovations   As there is always an app for everything and now the... Read More »

TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg is Looking at Different Ways Fashion is Changing

One thing that can be stated about fashion is that the internet is bringing changes to not only the fashion industry, but other industries of business. This new mindset of business involves getting to know the customer. Therefore, it is important for people like Adam Goldenberg to set up the software so that he can... Read More »

Tidal Gains Exposure with Desiree Perez

The excitement in the air about a company like Tidal is infectious. People are hearing about the things that Jay-Z has been doing, and they want to know what his next move is. The Tidal X concerts have been receiving rave reviews, but people can only get access to these concerts by way of Tidal.... Read More »