A NYC and George Street Photo Combo Creates Unforgettable Moments

George Street Photo and Video Address have really made some spectacular wedding experiences over the last few years. Of course, it’s not just about the quality of the camera, but the location as well.

George Street’s NYC location can really bring your wedding to life. NYC is one of the most iconic places in the world and nobody brings that out better than George Street and their amazing photographer. The architectural wonders in NYC are to really be cherished. Whether you’re at the Empire State Building or the One World Trade Center. You can’t take a bad picture in NYC.

Just as amazing as the shoots in NYC is their location in Chicago. Chicago will always be a hub of culture with a unique and inspiring setting that George Street catches with ease. Chicago is home to world-famous Willis Tower and it really brings life to your wedding pictures.

NYC and Chicago are our top spots when it comes to aesthetic in photography and George Street Photo and Video is our top choice wedding photographer to really bring in the magic.

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