Adam Milstein: Promoting Equality among Jewish People and the other Groups Of People

Adam Milstein is a household name when it comes to real estate investments. Milstein is an MBA holder in entrepreneurship from the University of South California which explains why he has almost perfect skills as a real estate investor and his success as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Apart from investing, Adam Milstein who has an Israeli origin is also a prominent philanthropist who genuinely engages himself in ensuring that students of Israel American origin learn about their Jewish culture. That he is able to achieve through his foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation. Through this organization, Adam Milstein and his wife have managed to help many students learn about their Jewish roots and heritage. His tireless efforts and commitment to ensuring that people of his origin learn about their roots have seen him being added to the top 200 philanthropist & social entrepreneurs. Adam’s is a giver, and his philanthropic deeds do not stop there as he goes on to give back to the community through another foundation known as The Israeli-American Council. Through the council, Adam Milstein can create a platform for healthy relationships between the United States and Israel which gives him an opportunity to protect and advocate for the rights of the Jewish and other minority groups in America. Adam Milstein’s charitable acts are fuelled by his wife’s Gina experience while she was an immigrant. In addition to using such foundations to educate and advocate for their rights, he also writes and contributes to different publications to ensure that he creates, even more, impact in his quest to make the world a better place for the Jewish and also the marginalized groups. In a bid to promote love and unity among the Jewish people, his foundation Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation recently held a global Pro-Israel meme competition which had full sponsorship from him. The competition was quite successful as it managed to attract over a hundred meme creators spread across six continents and had more than 300 hundred meme submissions. More than 16000 people voted, and it was evident through the messages on the memes that Israel American people love their culture.

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