Barbara Stokes Gave Much Needed Help to GSH

Since Green Structure Homes first started, they have not had as much success as what they have had when they were working under the direction of Barbara Stokes. As the CEO, she is capable of helping people and giving attention to the areas of the business that need it the most. In fact, she has learned the best way to help the business is to be an active leader. She does not sit back and just direct people to do things in the way that many leaders have done in the past. Instead, she has learned that it is important to give direction while also being a part of the solution.

Barbara Stokes is not afraid to dive into the business and get her hands dirty. Even though she is the CEO, it is not unusual to see her working to help people with different things and being an active part of the community. She has also always tried to make sure she is there when the company needs her. Barbara Stokes feels that if there are certain needs in the company that are unable to be met, she should be the one who does them. Follow Barbara Stokes on

In everything Barbara Stokes does, she tries to give back to the community. In fact, she gives them the ability to realize there are different people who can work together and who can get the most out of the business. As long as Barbara Stokes is doing what she can to help people, she feels she is a great part of the community. Helping others allows Barbara Stokes to feel good about what she does and feel like she is a positive person who is a part of the community. It has given her the ability to change direction in the business and with others who are doing more.


Even though Barbara Stokes is a career-minded person, she still does what she can to make time for her family. There are different opportunities she has passed up because of her dedication to her family. As a mother to three children, Barbara Stokes has done everything she can to be a positive influence and show them what it means to be successful. During that time, she has also been a loving mother who is active in her children’s lives. Barbara Stokes is excellent at work and life balance between the two most important things to her. Read this article at

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