Bruce Levenson’s Hawks Group Take Insurance Company To Court

A Fulton County court will soon begin hearing a case brought by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise over an unpaid insurance claim the legal team for the group state has been outstanding for over a year. Members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC headed by Maryland based technology expert Bruce Levenson recently revealed they have been forced to begin legal proceedings against New Hampshire insurance giant AIG after the company refused to respond to communications about the claim relating to workplace actions taking place before the ESPN reported June 2015 sale of the Hawks.

Levenson and wife Karen recently acted as the chair for a ball created in conjunction with the Kennedy Center for the Arts to benefit the Anti-Defamation League. The majority of the philanthropic work completed by Bruce Levenson has been done to benefit the people of his home state of Maryland and those living in Washington D.C.; Levenson’s work to establish a philanthropy program at the University of Maryland has had a direct benefit on the lives of many people living in the area.

The insurance claim made by Bruce Levenson’s group has been made in relation to the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry; Levenson’s legal team explained the comments and actions of Ferry in the period prior to the sale of the Hawks to billionaire Tony Ressler activated the constructive dismissal clause in the AIG insurance policy. Bruce Levenson’s consortium is hoping to bring the matter to a speedy resolution as they seek to tie up the loose ends of their ownership of the NBA franchise.


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