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Larazo De Mello Brandao Resigns Leaving A Strong Legacy At Bradesco

Before his resignation on October 11, 2017, Lazaro de Mello Brandao was one of the oldest bank chairmen across the globe. Brandao, the former chairman of Banco Bradesco SA, was born in 1926. Seventeen years later, Bradesco hired him to discharge clerical duties. At the time of appointment, Brandao had not acquired a college education.... Read More »

Todd Lubar- Baltimore a lucrative real estate investment hub

Baltimore is likely to record huge growth shortly due to demographic changes that are happening in the city in recent years. According to one of the people who have followed keenly the developments happening in Baltimore, Todd Lubar, the real estate sector in the city of Baltimore is going to be huge. Todd Lubar states... Read More »

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman Has Strong Work Ethics

Glen Wakeman graduated with an MBA Finance in Chicago in 1993 and later a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. He is a business revolutionary, a mentor, and has entrepreneurial skills and experience from his field of work. He is the Director of LaunchPad Holdings LLC Company, which he... Read More »

Daniel Taub End Incredible Tenure As Israeli Ambassador

Daniel Taub has been instrumental in bringing together the countries of Israel and the UK, owing to the incredible job he did as the ambassador of Israel. He was in this position for four years and was instrumental in bringing along a lot of changes to the relations that the two countries had. Owing to... Read More »

Troy McQuagge: A Professional Insurance Specialist and Award Winner

Troy Mcquagge is a corporate and business professional located in Panama City, Florida. He’s the CEO of UsHealth group, and he has accomplished amazing success in the course of his profession. Troy has been providing the UsHealth Group his services in numerous capacities since 2010. He has performed a critical part in re-engineering UsHealth Advisors... Read More »

TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg is Looking at Different Ways Fashion is Changing

One thing that can be stated about fashion is that the internet is bringing changes to not only the fashion industry, but other industries of business. This new mindset of business involves getting to know the customer. Therefore, it is important for people like Adam Goldenberg to set up the software so that he can... Read More »