Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has always displayed a number of characteristics that have made him one of the more popular diplomats to serve the Jewish-Israeli community. Born in London, Mr. Taub relocated to Israel after graduating college and immediately began cementing himself as a steward of the people.

His dress, particularly his habit of wearing skull caps, have only added to the allure of one of Israel’s most committed advocates, and the public’s recent discovery of the part he played in one Israel’s most important soap operas, “Rebbe’s Court,” has continued that trend. The Foreign Ministry’s Director of General Law, had the idea to create “Rebbe’s Court” about two years before its highly lauded premiere when he took part in a panel to discuss potential ideas for upcoming Jewish programming to be developed on the Tchelet network.

He described potential soap opera as a mixture between “The Chosen” and “Dallas,” and was immediately asked to create a script for a pilot, that would give the panel a solid idea of what to expect. In a recent interview, Mr. Taub revealed that he never intended to write the script for “Rebbe’s Court,” having very little experience in script writing, and even less in soap operas.

Nevertheless, Daniel Taub complied with the request, and after taking a short break from his routine responsibilities as an Israeli diplomat came up with what would be the basis for the unexpected hit show.

He was initially reluctant to divulge his role in “Rebbe’s Court,” due to the existing stereotypes between secular and traditional Jewish-Israelis, but soon found that, upon the show becoming a resounding success, it was wholly excepted, and even beneficial to his career and relationships within the community. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Although Daniel Taub never envisioned himself as the creator of a hit soap opera, many of the tools that have made him such a successful diplomat and screenwriter, were developed during his time as a teen in London, when he displayed a knack for oral communication, even captaining the Oxford Debate team.

His immigration to Israel in 1989 also played an integral role in his vast skill set, when, while living with his wife at a Jewish Agency Absorption Center, he wrote a number of speeches for Chaim Herzog, which resulted in him meeting the President, forming a longstanding relationship that spurred his role in the political arena.

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