End Citizens United Focuses on Pulling Dark Money out of Politics

We’ve seen the rise of a new political action committee over the past year as a reaction to the rise of President Trump. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focusing on undoing the massive damage that the Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United’ decision ended up rendering on the political world. Citizens United is a conservative group that challenged the Supreme Court in order to try and get fewer regulations into the political world. This has caused a rise in dark money that has fundamentally ruined the balance between speech and money. Now, End Citizens United is gaining steam with a grassroots effort to overturn the monumental decision.


End Citizens United’s President is Tiffany Muller and her focus is on giving a voice back to the people of the United States so that they can be involved in the political process. When politicians are being paid off by lobbyists and special interest groups to the tune of millions of dollars it can be impossible for the regular person to feel like their voice is being heard. Muller says that the rise of End Citizens United has been a grassroots effort brought about by the donation of time and money from the regular every day American.


The first quarter of fundraising efforts in 2017 has seen a huge spike in interest from regular donors. Through the first three months of 2017 End Citizens United raised nearly $4 million in total donations. With a single donor cap of $5,000 almost all of these donations are coming from regular people. This is not a PAC that has been bought out or pulled into a special interest. In fact, Muller says that the average donation is close to just $12 which means that almost everybody is donating with what they can spare, rather than pulling from their own political funds for an agenda. Muller says that nearly 100,000 people have donated so far with almost 40,000 of them also electing to donate their time to the cause.


End Citizens United is taking on a renewed and focused approach to addressing the problem of dark money in politics. There have been many different PACs that have risen about since 2010 but none of them have been as successful as End Citizens United. End Citizens United is focused on getting politicians into office who are willing to propose legislation to address the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Right now End Citizens United is geared toward helping Jon Ossoff in his special election in Georgia. Ossoff received $500,000 in campaign contributions from End Citizens United and he is now actually in play to take a traditionally red state. If Ossoff lands the election this could be huge for the PAC’s future.


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