Enhanced Athlete for the Win

Enhanced Athlete is a non-profit research company that focuses on cutting edge scientific shortcuts to building muscle, burning, fat and increasing performance. They sell a variety of products to athletes including muscle builders, fat burners and performance enhancers.


The Enhanced brand has two sister companies called Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Coaching is an elite fitness coaching platform that offers a free consultation as well as multiple starter plans and one-on-one training. The Enhanced Gear website is where customers can purchase official Enhanced Athlete merchandise including a variety of clothing items and other athletic staples such as water bottles, lanyards, beanies and hats.


In July 2017, Enhanced Athlete was sued by Nutrition Distribution, a competitor who filed a lawsuit that alleged false and misleading advertising. Filing lawsuits against other nutrition-based companies seems to be a recurring theme for Nutrition Distribution. Over the years they have filed an astonishing amount of lawsuits and letters demanding settlement payments. The repetitive tactics displayed by Nutrition Distribution did not fool the court who denied the motion based on lack of evidence and the inability to establish a sufficient connection linking Enhanced Athletes’ product and marketing with a decrease in Nutrition Distribution’s sales.


Charles Anthony Hughes, also known as Dr. Tony Huge, is a brand ambassador for Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete confirmed that Mr. Hughes does not receive direct compensation for his endorsement of Enhanced Athlete. He simply expresses freedom of speech in his claims, opinions and endorsement of Enhanced Athlete’s products as well as the products of other companies that he values.


Mr. Hughes has made it clear that he believes weightlifters should be able to decide what to put in their bodies. Many companies and members of the community have not been shy about voicing their opinions on Enhanced Athlete and Tony Hughes. Many of these comments have been negative, but despite the widespread speculation over the outcome of the case, Enhanced Athlete’s consumers remain loyal. The Enhanced Athlete community continue to purchase their favorite products, express their support for the non-profit company and write reviews online raving about Enhanced Athlete and their products.