Fabletics is Growing Wings and Spread Out in Fierce Competition Against Amazon

Consumers should make no mistake about it. Amazon is on fire when it comes to selling things online. This is the former bookstore that has turned into the store that sells everything. There are no limits on what this company has the ability to sell. In fact more people are inclined to shop online with this company because they have access to a large number of things that they cannot find in stores. This is what people have to consider. Amazon sells just about everything, but other stores may have limited selections on certain items. This is where Amazon outshines the competition.


What people may have noticed is that Amazon has become profitable in selling clothes even though this company does not manufacture any clothes. The Fabletics brand of athletic gear for women is taking off in a major way, and there are people that are going to praise Kate Hudson for what she is doing with this line of clothing. It is obvious that the brand has started to get some recognition in recent years, and consumers might say that this could be a strong contender with Amazon.


It is not common for companies to come into the spotlight and get a lot of buzz in the first couple of years. It is, however, uncommon for companies that sell gym clothes that become so popular so quickly. All of this newfound awe is a direct result of the actress and co-founder Kate Hudson that took this company to the top. Amazon has clothes for women that are working out, but Amazon doesn’t have Kate Hudson. This means that Amazon also does not have Kate’s Picks for cute exercise clothes. That can make all the difference in the world of quality clothing. Consumers feel like they are connected with Kate Hudson and her brand because of the things like this. There are also subscription services available where people can get garments sent to their homes.


The thing that has made people appreciate Fabletics over Amazon is the personal touch. Amazon may have an unlimited amount of clothes available online. What this company does not have is the person touch that Kate Hudson has with Fabletics. She is the co-founder that decided to step out and become the face of Fabletics. She could have used the same tactics that marketing agencies use for other companies. Lots of young models could have gotten out there and modeled the clothes. This is now what Kate Hudson decided to do. She has become this person that is able to lead Fabletics to a new place, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that customers love what they are getting. This has become the gym wear clothing company to watch.

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