Flavio Maluf Talks About The Best Departments To Invest In 2017

Knowing that undertaking investments requires research and paying attention, Flavio Maluf, the businessman and President of Eucatex, gives his opinion on the best sectors and markets to be taking a closer look in 2017. This list was published by the Americana Inc magazine.


Technological Innovations


As there is always an app for everything and now the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is taking over the innovation market by introducing a network that connects the most various objects with each other, the technological industry has always been a safe bet to undertake, and 2017 won’t be different.


What interests the young people


Considered the newest consumers of the “Millennial” generation, they are the next public to be targeting whenever you’re designing a new product.


Work by distance


This includes the famous Home Offices and “Do it at home” types of jobs; they seem to be taking the interest of young workers that want to be able to profit when also not having to leave and face the daily traffic.


Health & Nutrition


Always a great bet, this should be getting more attention than ever. With the advent of the ever-increasing obesity charts and the general population getting older, engaging in this sector is a significant investment.




The newest trend and what is bound to happen to all markets and stores in the world, the E-commerce is probably the safest of them all. Every brand now needs a website, link to social media, delivery, and the list goes on.


Environment-friendly products


As the importance of preserving nature gets more attention, this kind of investment is also very well engaged by consumers. Communities enjoy knowing that they are contributing to a better preservation by utilizing biodegradable materials, for example.


Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman and a Mechanical Engineer that also has a lot of knowledge in the fields of finance and investment. He is the President of Eucatex and GrandFood. He worked in Eucatex together with his uncle, who invited him to be part of the office team because of his impressive results in the company.

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