George Soros Completes Historic Money Transfer To Open Society Foundations

It has recently been made public that billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has given $18 billion to his own non-profit, Open Society Foundations. The money transfer, which took place over a several year span is the largest ever involving a sole contributor to a single foundation. The move also gives Soros’ Open Society

Foundation the distinction of being the second largest organization devoted to philanthropy in the United States, trailing only the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Soros, a top donor to many Democratic campaigns. is sure to draw the ire of conservative critics for the part the feel he has played in regards to the social political debates engulfing the country.

Open Society began over three decades ago by Mr. Soros. The foundation’s stated mission is the promotion of democracy human rights throughout the world. To date, Open Society has worked to further these ideals in more than 120 countries. More recently, Soros and Open Society have concentrated much of their efforts on programs addressing the issues plaguing the gay and lesbian community in the United States and the ongoing problems surrounding police misconduct.

Open Society has declared their intentions of continued efforts at providing protection to citizens of the United States from what the organization sees as a proliferation of hate incidents. Mr. Soros, now 87 years of age has committed $87 million dollars to this ongoing fight. Mr. Soros has stated on record that he feels the 2016 election is responsible for waking many dark forces in America and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Patrick Gaspard, who will soon be in charge of Open Society Foundations day to day operations echoed Mr. Soros sentiments with his report that the election Donald Trump as president of the United States has caused Open Society to operate with a new sense of urgency. When looking to possible reasons that Mr. Soros has been dedicated to such generous philanthropy, one need look no further than Mr. Soros’ past.

George Soros and family resided in a Hungary that was Nazi-occupied. Mr. Soros left London in 1947 before migrating once again to the United States where he would soon find considerable success on Wall Street. In 1992 Mr. Soros made a $1 billion bet against the British pound. His tactic of aggressive selling of pound eventually caused a major loss in the currency’s value earning Soros to be both marveled at as well as vilified.

As the empire he was building continued to grow, George Soros became more interested in the fight for human rights and democracy for all human beings. It was then that his Open Society Foundation was born. The beginning of the foundation was exactly where Soros began as the foundation was officially established in Hungary in the year 1984 and more information click here.

For the most part, George Soros for decades funded Open Society alone with contributions annually in approaching the $800 million dollar range. In recent years, due to the estate planning of Soros, these donations have been increased dramatically which has resulted in the $18 billion dollar contribution that is causing such a stir in so many circles and Follow him