George Soros: Giving For A More Just and Equal World

Why has the spending of George Soros increased in the past several years? His son pointed to a remark that Soros made about Trump. Other people say that he could be trying to balance out the spending that is being poured into conservative causes. George Soros is a billionaire investor who values equality and the concept of an open society. Whatever outside cause seems to motivate his giving, we can be sure that it is prompted by an inner desire to see a more just world.

George Soros made his millions (which is now billions) early on in his investing career. He then turned his eye to the political stage. He wanted to spend his money in a way that aligned with his values. He started a foundation, which blossomed into many active organizations.

Through his activism and donations, Soros has given millions to projects and causes that support social justice. As the Black Lives Matter movement came to life, Soros was behind the movement in more ways than one. He had been giving to multiple organizations which were then able to work together to form the cohesive movement that falls under the Black Lives Matter movement. In 2015, Soros had given no less than $33 million dollars to the organizations leading the Ferguson protest movement which began in Missouri but soon spread across the nation. Visit this site to know more at

The way that Soros donates his funding is very intentional. Slowly he is helping the nation build up a more just system. With one grant of $500,000 to the Advancement Project, for example, Soros and his foundation stated that the money was intended to help the organization put together racially diverse democratic processes. The Advancement Project went on to provide civil disobedience classes to players who were pivotal in the Ferguson protest movement. It is clear that Soros’ donations are having a large impact on society.

Although Soros is active worldwide, he has been interested in his home country for some time because he sees things happening in politics that he considers a threat. Back to his spending patterns, we see a clear increase over the last few years, as President Trump came into power. Soros resisted this and gave generously to the Clinton campaign in hopes that Trump would be defeated. His spending might be related to the severity of the threat that he sees to the open society ideal. The open society idea is one of progress, freedom of expression, and government transparency. Because Soros has found so much struggle in the United States when it comes to reaching this ideal, a great deal of his funding is put in place to protect or try to regain those principles. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

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