Graham Edwards & Telereal Trillium: The Partnership Which Creates Industry Giants

The present CEO of Telereal Trillium is Graham Edwards, veteran businessman and United Kingdom property developer. Edwards entered the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2001 at the time of its creation. This was before the acquisition of Trillium by Telereal. He is also the CEO and co-owner of Castle Water, the foremost sovereign water company in the UK. The background of Graham Edwards includes studying economics at Cambridge University and is also a graduate of King’s College London. He has vast business involvement prior to his current position, some of which includes his previous role as Chief Investment Officer of Talisman Global Asset Management, fund manager for Merrill Lynch Investment Management, and Head of Finance for British Telecom holdings (now known as BT). For enjoyment outside of his career life, Edwards enjoys skiing and is known to be an enthusiastic tennis player.

Telereal came into its own as a company when a property contract was executed to initiate a new firm known as Telereal. The advantageously designed contract was focused on transferring BT to a fledgling company. It was a chief moment in the U.K. property market as well as a big shake-up for certain investors worldwide. This moment was initiated by CEO Graham Edwards. One key component to the deal between BT and Telereal was that it allowed for the strategic vacating of properties over time. In voluminous cases following the evacuation of the property Telereal was able to gain value and redevelop the chattels (Propertyweek).

There are numerous substantiated dealings that highlight the transformation of Telereal Trillium under the swift regulation of Graham Edwards Telereal. In 2009 it is easy to see that one of the most formative deals took place as Edwards led negotiations with Land Securities Group that would result in Telereal’s acquisition of Trillium. This operation is monumental in that it solidified the establishment of the company as the market front runner in property investment and outsourcing. There is no doubting the value of the presence of Graham Edwards for this important company. Having seen the company through both the joining in 2001 to establish creation and the acquisition in 2009 it is clear that Edwards has been greatly successful with Telereal Trillium.