Groupon Cofounder’s New Healthcare Startup Raises $70 Million In Latest Funding Round

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a United States-based serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience founding and selling companies. Eric Lefkofsky has an experience of founding and developing startup companies to the level of multi-million corporations. This is perhaps the reason why he has amassed a great amount of money in the industry. His experience is unmatched with capacitated business solutions that amount to success in the industry. Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the CEO and Founder of the Chicago-based Tempus Company that strives to control the deaths that result from cancer patients in the country. Tempus is an award-winning company for its success as a startup to get more than $700 million in funding within its first year of operation.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is also the CEO and Founder of the Groupon Company based in the United States. He founded Groupon Company after a series of success corporations Eric Paul Lefkofsky sold to other people. Eric Paul Lefkofsky is also the CEO and Founder of the echo Logistics Company whose headquarters is in the United States. Echo Logistics Company works in more than 20 countries in the world providing a wide range of logistics solutions to other companies and state departments. Eric Paul Lefkofsky is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the InnerWorks Company based in Chicago. After founding the company, Eric Paul Lefkofsky went on to found the Chicago-0based Lightbank Investment Banking Company. This is the company that solves most of the investment problems facing his clients in the industry.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a billionaire who has gained his profits by trying to save people’s money on restaurants and travel with his Groupon Company based in Chicago. Because his business solutions are unparalleled in the world of business, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has amassed a great amount of money by becoming part of the money-saving solution to his clients using the Groupon Company. In the recent past, Eric Paul Lefkofsky commenced one of the greatest companies in his life that try to save people’s lives with cancer. The Chicago-based Tempus Company has announced to receive more than $70 million as funding for business growth.

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