How Avaaz Caused the Paris Climate Accords

Avaaz is an organization that focuses on promoting social justice, civil rights, human rights, and equality. It was started in 2007. The Guardian called them the largest online activist organization just a few years after they started. The name Avaaz is similar to to the word voice or song in Persian. In addition, other languages have similar words, such as English, which has the word voice. Avaaz was started by Res Publica in conjunction with

Avaaz is totally committed to the needs of the little people. They do not even accept donations from any corporations or foundations. They do not even accept donations that are more than five thousand pounds. This is because they do not want to be beholden to corporate interests. However, they have still managed to raise over twenty million pounds.

Avaaz has a team that works in more than thirty different countries. This team works on selecting campaigns, communicating with members, and so on. Avaaz has had many victories. One of these victories is the battle for stopping climate change. Avaaz was actually a very strong influential force in getting the Paris Climate Accords passed. A year and a half before the Accords, political leaders had said that there is no will to make something happen. However, Avaaz took to the challenge. They started the People’s Climate Marches. Over one and a half million people marched in these marches to encourage the governments to work on climate change. The head of the United Nations Climate Talks actually said that they knew that the people were with them on this issue when they saw so many people marching. Avaaz also worked with governments to get world leaders to join the march, which obviously had a very strong effect. They also lobbied governments to get legislation passed.

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