Ian King — Legacy Income and Crypto Coins

Ian King has been heralded as the Warren Buffet of cryptocurrency. He is the modern day Donald Trump without the threat of nuclear annihilation. The fact is, Ian King has done the proper amount of study and practice to make him the best cryptocurrency investor in the sphere. He earned his bachelor degree in psychology from Lafayette College and began working at Peahi Capital. He worked there for 10 years as a long and short equity trader. The complexities of trading in the stock, options, and ETF markets would serve him well in the future. His degree in psychology helped him with the knowledge needed to know how people behave in various economic situations. Crowd dynamics came into play on a daily basis and he learned how to gauge the temperature of the markets and public perception by the movement of technical charts. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.

One day, a friend introduced Ian King to the prospect of bitcoin and ethereum. He was skeptical at the time. However, soon enough he would realize the full potential of this emerging technology. He took full advantage of his opportunity and created his own investing publication: Intellicoins. He joined the team at Banyan Hill as their resident cryptocurrency trading expert and regularly publishes content meant to help beginner and intermediate investors learn more about crypto currency. His earliest skills were developed as a lifeguard and he has carried the lessons of quick thinking and fast reaction with him into the world of investing. His wisdom has served the space well and his tactics have made some people money. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

The method to achieving financial freedom is to first take the advice of those wiser than yourself. Ian King relays his knowledge in a way that regular Americans can understand. Complex topics become easy when he explains them and he makes the methods of investing accessible to anyone with a smart-phone or laptop. The road to financial freedom does not have to be difficult thanks to the writings of Ian King. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are growing everyday and he has broken the technicalities down to a simple science. By following his teaching you will learn the basics of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, blockchains, and investing.

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