Insurance and the Pleasant Company of Troy McQuagge

CEO World Awards is a special way of recognizing people in the society who are good at what they do. Troy McQuagge is one such person who is recognized with this award. Becoming a CEO of this level is doesn’t happen overnight and certainly doesn’t happen to people who sit in an office and order everybody else around.

Indeed, being a CEO involved some of that too, but there is more than Troy McQuagge than meets the eye at first. It is not only a prestigious award but also means further recognition from the peers.

Insurance Does Not Sound Glamorous

Working in insurance is not the easiest career path. Troy McQuagge has more than thirty years of experience in leading positions in several companies, including HealthMarkets Agency and their Marketing Group in particular.

He worked there and allowed the company to grow and expand beyond expectation reaching a billion dollars in sales every year.

Later he became the president and CEO in a company called USHEALTH Group, INC. Using his management and leadership skills, Troy McQuagge is leading this group towards new heights as well.

The new targets are harder to reach, but the first steps are never easy. The sales are growing faster than in the last four years combined and now has increased at least ten times. The price of shares is going up and rose by 1093 percent since 2010.

Troy McQuagge is the kind of CEO who has the smarts and the guts to take risks in business. He sees the potential in innovation and doesn’t let it slip through his fingers. McQuagge went to the University of Central Florida for Arts and Legal Studies. He graduated in 1982 and started his career.

His first job was with Allstate Insurance after graduating from University. Later he moved companies, and it eventually leads him to USHEALTH working with insurance for people aged sixty-five and under. He is still working as the CEO of the company after seven years on the career ladder in the business and the same enterprise.

Personal Growth and Touch is Important

Although selling insurance doesn’t seem like the most glamorous of jobs, Troy McQuagge is using his talents to find new business opportunities for his company. He now has the experience in the field, and he oversees his employees but is never far away.

Troy works according to a strict moral code he can the relay to his staff, and it has earned him recognition among his peers. It has also helped him gain respect from his employees and close colleagues in the company. Read more: Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Being successful doesn’t go to his head. Through various volunteering roles, Troy McQuagge has seen people from all leases in life. He appreciated people who are just starting out and wants them to succeed.

Leading by example is one way he hopes to see the next generations eventually take over and surpass him. People working alongside him say that Troy McQuagge is not only talented in business but is also a delightful individual to interact with during meetings and day-to-day operations.