Integrative Vitality with Dr. Dov Rand

When you go to a typical doctor’s office, you describe your problems, and your doctor finds a specific treatment to address your problems. This is not what happens at Healthy Aging Medical Center, owned by Dr. Dov Rand. Or at least it’s not the only thing that happens there.


The Integrative Philosophy

Dr. Dov Rand is one of the pioneers of a field known as integrative medicine. Where a typical doctor might treat your headache with a medicine when you tell him that’s what’s wrong with you, Dr. Rand is more likely to suggest a lifestyle change, perhaps in addition to the medicine. The concept is to treat the whole patient, to improve overall health, not to simply alleviate discomfort.


What It Means For Patients

When a patient comes to see Dr. Dov Rand, they will receive a unique treatment program meant to meet their specific needs. In addition, this program may include elements they’ve never been offered by a doctor before. Common therapies suggested include:


  • Weight Loss Programs- An important element in the overall bodily health of overweight patients is weight loss, which greatly reduces stress on the body.


  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy- Standard hormone replacement therapy can come with an array of negative side effects. This is because synthetic hormones have been proven to have a deleterious effect on the human body. Using specialized bioidentical hormones bypassed this problem.


  • The HCG Diet- Even non-overweight patients can benefit from this treatment that focuses on making healthy choices that encourage the body’s production of important chemicals.


  • IV Nutritional Therapy- During this treatment, the micronutrients that are essential for your specific body are infused in an IV, to provide that best possible bioavailability.


  • Traditional Medicine- Dr. Dov Rand is not against the use of traditional medicine and integrates standard care into his total plans for his patients.