As a certified surgeon mainly in the field that few women specialize in, Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the few who has taken this profession to the next level and relocated her practice to Austin from the previous location that was in New York. The reason contributed to her interest in raising her twin children. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a member of the prestigious society of Aesthetic surgeries and serves on the board doubling up as the deputy commissioner in charge of communication for the same society.

Walden attended the Texas University and has been practicing her medical career for eight years with interest in Cosmetic procedures from facelifts, eyelid procedures to Rhinoplasties. For Dr. Jennifer Walden to conduct the augmentation procedure, she charges 7,000 US Dollar with facelifts costing as much as 10,000 US Dollar a procedure that is becoming popular across the world. For the Rhinoplasty work out, Dr. Walden would charge a range of 8,000 to 9,000 US Dollar. On her catalog other services offered by her clinic are liposuction and on separate occasions also performs Botox and fillings on the soft tissues. Out of 8,100 specialists certified by the board, only eight hundred and fifty-one are women and up to one hundred and eighty of them are part of the American Society for the Aesthetic and also plastic surgery a board that leads when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Dr. Walden is among the few of the doctors on the board in the state of Texas. Her passion for helping out other women emerge and be the best in all spheres was the driving force for her to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery. Knowing too well that boosting a woman’s confidence would also be through performing procedures such as Tummy tacks and many other. Such procedures increase the quality of life and self-confidence to many women.

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