Jim Tananbaum: Californian Executive Investor Tycoon

Are you in need to grow your healthcare business more than ever before? Have you ever heard of the extraordinary and superb Jim Tananbaum? Well, he is a veteran financial investor and currently Chief Executive Officer for Foresite Capital Management with a strong concentration of growth capital invested to innovative healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs that strive to transform patient care for the whole healthcare system. In a recent interview, Tananbaum talks about what influenced him to do what he does and what is life like on a daily basis. Tananbaum spends a lot of time on calls and meetings on company updates and goals. He feels like bringing ideas to life requires engaging with the smartest, brightest and clever healthcare leaders who are trying to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Throughout the interview, Tananabaum consistently kept mentioning how he is so excited to see the innovation in healthcare to be able to solve and ease patient care so that they do not have to worry about making appointments or remembering to buy some medicine.

Now on to Tananbaum, getting to the position that he is in requires great intelligence and a proper education. The 54 year-old acquired his Bachelor of Science from Yale University in 1985. He was a really studious and intelligent student when it came to his studies. He always made sure that he asked questions when he was confused or simply lost on the class material. Jim Tananbaum always participated in class discussions to build up his confidence and properly enunciate words in a professional matter. He also gave presentations in front of an audience which would help him become less nervous. All these skills would add up over time, which would help him later in life. He was so pumped up that he ultimately decided to continue his education. Tananbaum acquired his Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then he went to Harvard Business School for his Master’s in Business and Administration. Finally, Tananbaum acquired his Medical Doctorate from Harvard Medical School.

Jim Tananbaum decided to use all of his expertise learned throughout his many years in school to come up with an investment company to help healthcare entrepreneurs to make their goals come to fruition. He was the founder and became the Chief Executive Officer for Foresite Capital Management, which specialized in investing in healthcare innovators who are determined to make it easy for healthcare patients who are going through rough times. Tananbaum and his company Foresite Capital Management are determined to promote various channels of assistance for the healthcare industry such as medication for diabetes or a cure for cancer. Whenever Tananbaum sees potential in a start-up that is trying to make a difference in the healthcare industry, they will pour their financial support and connections to make sure they succeed as much as possible.

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