Jorge Moll’s Successful Career Story in Neuroscience

Jorge Moll is the founder and the Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He has a great medical history that he shares through an interview. To start with, Jorge has an MD in Neuroscience from Federal University of Rio de Janiero. He later got a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the renowned São Paulo University. He has a great desire of helping individuals with conditions that affect their lives negatively. He is the current president and the board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. At the same time, Jorge Moll oversees the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup (Dialdish). Beside career, he adores his family and lives with them.


Dream Job

Jorge Moll shares his idea of being part of the company he works for as a dream come true for him towards cultivating well-known research, education, and successful healthcare company in his home country. Jorge chooses ideas that can be converted into actual plans and allows him to collaborate responsibly. He gets interested in topics that touch on cognitive matters, artificial intelligence, the functioning of machines, and brains all at the same time. Some of the habits that Jorge shares that allow him to remain productive is the virtue of being transparent, skillful, and open. One of the best advice that he gives to young individuals is not to hold ideas and plans for a longer period. The best thing is to run with them or move on as quickly as possible.


Future Goal

Jorge Moll hopes that someday he will be in a position to start a company that will be in the forefront to meeting people’s needs and makes their time easy to enter the hospital, enjoy, and remembers it forever. Jorge runs this research company on the faith that in as much as there are failures and obstacles, he would use them to have a more productive strategy. He says that this would enable him to have lasting solutions that are going to be helpful to the organization and him. As he concludes his interview, Jorge Moll says that the best way to attain results in a habitual manner is by questioning the models of operations.