Jose Borghi – A Thoughtful Analyzer and a Great Advertiser

Mr. Jose Borghi is the creator of Mullen Lowe Agency. He is known as the best advertiser of the media. He can produce several campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat. Mr. Jose Borghi was well aware of his career, but he did not know about his future. He won the Cannes Lions award.

Mr. Jose Borghi was born and raised in Presidente Prudente and did his graduation from PUC-Campinas in advertising and Propaganda by PUC. The company assumed its name, Borghi Lowe in the year 2006. The ad agency has developed to a great extent since then both in the domestic and international market.

The firm united with Lowe and Partners and also the Mullen group. The agency is known as Mullen Lowe Brasil nowadays. Mr. Borghi became the CEO, and Mr. Andre Gomes was his partner. He can work in the worst scenarios. He has been in complete charge of the most important cases.

Mr. Borghi mentions that a disaster may be the chance for the advertisers to exhibit the relevancy of marketing. You need to be aware how to make the strategies in a friendly and a planned manner. Mr. Borghi remarked that the marketing departments have to create innovative strategies that have the ability to neutralize the impact of economic uncertainty. Mr. Jose Borghi stresses on the fact that there has to be a relationship of complete trust and to bring in of new customers in a consistent manner and learn more about Borghi.

He believes that the brands need to utilize the technology and that enables the market to be assessed thoroughly. Mr. Borghi emphasizes that it is important to be there in the different online media and provide the best content. He remarks that one has to opt for the strategies that enhance the business to a great extent so that the customers feel encouraged to purchase the brand and his Youtube.

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