NGP VAN’s Innovative Software Changes Election Strategy in Political Canvassing Operations

The 2016 federal elections were significant for many reasons. Political candidates from across America come together to try and convince every day American’s that they are the best candidate for the job. However, convincing American’s to vote for you can cost a very large sum of money, upwards of $6 billions dollars. Campaign funding can cost enormous amounts of money when it comes down to being competitive in a general election.

In modern political elections, online social media websites and applications can play a key role in how these extremely important elections can play out. The political divide between parties and voter bases can make campaign strategies very confusing and difficult to establish, and this was especially true for the most recent general election.

There are new unexpected barriers in trying to successfully establish a canvassing operation, as proven by NGP VAN. The key to success is to directly connect with votes prior to major elections. New questions are being raises as to whether canvassing can still be as effective as it was in years past.

Some recent experiments show that approximately one-tenth of one percent of voters can actually be persuaded in regards to their political beliefs or voting habits. In addition to this extremely small number of potentially persuadable voters, this operation requires the canvassing operation to take place with two months of the schedule election day. These experimental results show a dim pathway for the future of political canvassing operations. NGP VAN’s campaign software is becoming innovative in terms of getting voters in front of political candidates.

However, there are new campaign organizing applications that NGP VAN is establishing in the political arena, that can make canvassing operations much more efficient and effective, especially as modern technology improves. Access to different types of voting statistics is imperative to try and establish a baseline for a canvassing operation. NGP VAN looks to continue to be the front runner when establishing the efficient strategy to a canvassing operation. This allows political organizations to change their election strategies on the fly to best adapt prior to a major general election.

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