Omar Boarie Builds Up a City and a Dream

It is because of Omar Boraie and his company, Boraie Development LLC, that the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey is thriving and alive today.

It was the dream of Omar Boraie to see New Brunswick thrive like the European Cities he saw while touring throughout the European Union. He shared his vision with many in the city, but they only laughed. The truth was, these so-called leaders were not visionaries like Omar Boraie, and they could not see the future for what it was. Omar Boraie would toil away for four decades, but he would end up proving them all wrong and winning their allegiance.

According to the site, Omar Boraie has been constructing buildings in the New Brunswick area for over three decades. Throughout this time, he has conducted over $150 million worth of business in the area. This has been through both commercial and residential real estate. While he does not often brag about it, an article in describes how these transactions put no money in the pocket of Omar but were rather used to help the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie knew that to help New Brunswick grow, he would have to accomplish four goals. He wanted families to call this place home. He wanted to entice business owners to move to the area. He wanted current businesses to be rewarded for staying. Lastly, he wanted professionals to move to the city so that New Brunswick could offer anything to anyone.

Boraie Development LLC accomplished this first goal in a fatherly way. Omar Boraie partnered with New Jersey Stage to provide an annual event that is now called “Free Summer Movie Series.” This movie series spans over a seven night period and provides animated movies to the public free of charge.

Omar Boraie also helped revive New Brunswick by enticing businesses to relocate to his area. According to, he accomplished this by building two towers known as Albany Street Towers which provide class A office space which businesses needed at the time.

Omar Boraie also went into negotiations so that the company of Johnson & Johnson would stay. This was key to victory.

Lastly, Omar Boraie built the Aspire Tower which provided over 370,000 ft.² of residential homes and totaled over 17 stories. This professional housing came complete with a dog park and patio barbecuing that would entice business professionals to stay. You can visit his website

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