Presenting Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the only female board-certified plastic surgeons in the country. She is also the founder of the fully accredited MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Walden considers the patients’ opinion and input extremely important. She always has an open communication with her patients, allowing them to help her form her tailored strategy. She has a full-time staff of 16, all women. This staff body is led by Kristin Gunn, the practice manager. Not only is the staff all female, but the majority of their clients are female as well and more

Walden built her practice to be female-centric on purpose. She has long felt a commitment to help women take the lead in society. She strongly feels that at the very least, they should have a much more prominent than they ever have before. She hopes that her practice can serve as an example and inspiration to women all over the world. She especially feels single mothers need this kind of inspiration. Walden herself is the single mother of twin sons. She gave birth to the two via IVF.

Dr. Walden is also firmly committed to the use of the latest technology in her practice. She currently often uses 3D imaging technology to help patients see what they will most likely look like after a surgery. In the recent past, she has been among the first plastic surgeons to use plastic surgery technology such as the diVa laser, ThermiVa, SmartGraft, and SculpSure. Walden is a respected spokesperson and advisor of such medical aesthetic companies as Sciton Inc, Cynosure, Lumenis, SmartGraft and Thermi Aesthetics.

She is a frequent speaker at plastic surgery conventions on subjects like face lifting, breast implant and fat grafting surgery, vaginal rejuvenation and social media in the aesthetic industry. She is also often called upon to give expert knowledge on news lifestyle segments. Walden also sits on the board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is a member of the Guardian Angel Society, a philanthropic organization that provides support to abused children.

Graham Edwards & Telereal Trillium: The Partnership Which Creates Industry Giants

The present CEO of Telereal Trillium is Graham Edwards, veteran businessman and United Kingdom property developer. Edwards entered the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2001 at the time of its creation. This was before the acquisition of Trillium by Telereal. He is also the CEO and co-owner of Castle Water, the foremost sovereign water company in the UK. The background of Graham Edwards includes studying economics at Cambridge University and is also a graduate of King’s College London. He has vast business involvement prior to his current position, some of which includes his previous role as Chief Investment Officer of Talisman Global Asset Management, fund manager for Merrill Lynch Investment Management, and Head of Finance for British Telecom holdings (now known as BT). For enjoyment outside of his career life, Edwards enjoys skiing and is known to be an enthusiastic tennis player.

Telereal came into its own as a company when a property contract was executed to initiate a new firm known as Telereal. The advantageously designed contract was focused on transferring BT to a fledgling company. It was a chief moment in the U.K. property market as well as a big shake-up for certain investors worldwide. This moment was initiated by CEO Graham Edwards. One key component to the deal between BT and Telereal was that it allowed for the strategic vacating of properties over time. In voluminous cases following the evacuation of the property Telereal was able to gain value and redevelop the chattels (Propertyweek).

There are numerous substantiated dealings that highlight the transformation of Telereal Trillium under the swift regulation of Graham Edwards Telereal. In 2009 it is easy to see that one of the most formative deals took place as Edwards led negotiations with Land Securities Group that would result in Telereal’s acquisition of Trillium. This operation is monumental in that it solidified the establishment of the company as the market front runner in property investment and outsourcing. There is no doubting the value of the presence of Graham Edwards for this important company. Having seen the company through both the joining in 2001 to establish creation and the acquisition in 2009 it is clear that Edwards has been greatly successful with Telereal Trillium.


Dr. Glen Wakeman and The Reasons Why He Stands Proud and Honored in His Line of Service

Amateurs in the business world seem to want to get success in greased lightning. They want it now. They don’t want the sacrifice. They give up quickly if the failures are too seemingly big to handle. They’re afraid they’re losing more than they’re earning. They’re not after for the meaning of their business, and they’re just in it for the profit. These are the signs that a business leader may be doing it wrong. Fortunately, Glen Wakeman is not one of them.


The Value of A Glen Wakeman Work

There has been a lot of great business leaders in the industry who have been starting their own companies, bridging gaps of the needs of the world and revolutionizing the commerce systems. These people are valuable, but how many of them have the heart to promise to do it ethically and with responsibility? How many of them are like Glen Wakeman?

Glen Wakeman wants to offer business start-ups the assistance they need to fly and to scale up. He does this with all the kinds of professionalism expected of a good executive and more. He’s the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, an advisory company for start-ups, but what makes his company different is he does things as ethically as possible, which means all the time. He wants to offer a service that can improve companies, make them scale to where it should be and protect them from hidden risks, like Black Swans.

What is more outstanding right now is the fact that Mr. Wakeman has served big C-level executives, which include those of Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He’s able to educate them, enlighten them, give them empirical real business examples of how to avoid ruin and he’s given them the right hedge against being bankrupted in a highly brutal market.


The Training Needed

It may also be necessary to state here that the fact that Dr. Wakeman is successful means it may have to do with the fact that he always takes time to improve himself. One example of that is the fact that he just bought a $100 Spanish language course from Berlitz.




Integrative Vitality with Dr. Dov Rand

When you go to a typical doctor’s office, you describe your problems, and your doctor finds a specific treatment to address your problems. This is not what happens at Healthy Aging Medical Center, owned by Dr. Dov Rand. Or at least it’s not the only thing that happens there.


The Integrative Philosophy

Dr. Dov Rand is one of the pioneers of a field known as integrative medicine. Where a typical doctor might treat your headache with a medicine when you tell him that’s what’s wrong with you, Dr. Rand is more likely to suggest a lifestyle change, perhaps in addition to the medicine. The concept is to treat the whole patient, to improve overall health, not to simply alleviate discomfort.


What It Means For Patients

When a patient comes to see Dr. Dov Rand, they will receive a unique treatment program meant to meet their specific needs. In addition, this program may include elements they’ve never been offered by a doctor before. Common therapies suggested include:


  • Weight Loss Programs- An important element in the overall bodily health of overweight patients is weight loss, which greatly reduces stress on the body.


  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy- Standard hormone replacement therapy can come with an array of negative side effects. This is because synthetic hormones have been proven to have a deleterious effect on the human body. Using specialized bioidentical hormones bypassed this problem.


  • The HCG Diet- Even non-overweight patients can benefit from this treatment that focuses on making healthy choices that encourage the body’s production of important chemicals.


  • IV Nutritional Therapy- During this treatment, the micronutrients that are essential for your specific body are infused in an IV, to provide that best possible bioavailability.


  • Traditional Medicine- Dr. Dov Rand is not against the use of traditional medicine and integrates standard care into his total plans for his patients.


GoBuyside Provides A Service That Is Essential To Both Employers and Potential Employees

Since the advent of the internet during the 1990s, the world of employment has seen a dramatic evolution. Methods of recruiting talent for your business have changed since then, just as jobs themselves have evolved and changed. The age of information has ushered in a new era that calls for new solutions. GoBuyside is a company that was developed for the express purpose of providing these solutions to its clients. GoBuyside is a firm that specializes in helping executives to search out the solutions that they need in today’s ultra-competitive financial industry. The company is based out of New York City and it devotes its time to monitoring trends in the job market with the financial sector. The company is leading the way towards a tech-focussed method for recruitment of the top talent. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuyside was founded by Stanford business graduate Arjun Kapur in 2011. Kapur recognized these new trends in the hiring process for the financial industry and knew there was a niche to be filled where he could offer up a high-quality service that helped to eliminate many of the problems associated with hiring in the financial industry.

href=””>March 7, 2018

One of the biggest current trends in today’s financial sector is the movement toward decentralizing positions. Working from home is quickly becoming a significant segment of today’s workforce. More than ever, an employees actual location is having less significance to their employers business. Due to this, employers gain a much wider talent pool to draw from but the problem then lies in how to weed through the mess that this phenomenon can create. This is where GoBuyside comes in. The company relieves employers from a large part of this burden by doing this weeding out for them and providing them with the best possible applicants for their positions.


This trend for positional flexibility and locational flexibility is allowing GoBuyside to provide its clients with potential employees who are sure to surpass all expectations. It serves to reason that a national search for talent is going to bring a much larger pool of potential employees to the table and many of them are going to be below the standard that an employer is looking for. It is costly and inefficient for a business to have to separate all of this out for itself. GoBuyside can take care of all of these problems for a business. The company’s experts are highly experienced in matching superbly qualified potential employees with employers.

GoBuyside has been making a big difference for financial sector companies ranging from hedge funds, advisory platforms, equity firms and companies on the Fortune 500 list. Potential employees get a huge benefit out of GoBuyside’s services as well and have full control over the employment search. The overall transparency between employers and employment candidates causes a situation that is very mutually beneficial to both sides of this equation. It is for these reasons that GoBuyside’s customers have been raving about the service. Whether it is coming from the side of the business looking to fill positions or the side of the financial professional looking for employment, both sides benefit from the huge amount of groundwork that GoBuyside provides. Read more blogs at

How Sussex Healthcare Is Different From Other Facilities

Since first starting, Sussex Healthcare does what they can to help set themselves apart from other senior care facilities. They know the importance of being better than others and they try to always show people they have options that help them with the most difficult parts of their careers.

Sussex Healthcare knows they must do things the right way if they’re giving everyone a chance at a better life. They must also know there are things that will help them improve all the opportunities they have. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of giving back is so others know what they can do and so others can get a better chance at a more enriching life.

Sussex Healthcare always works to promote positive opportunities in their senior care facilities. They do their best to make sure people understand things will work better for them. Without their help, seniors must try to do things on their own. They may not get everything that will help them and the facility they choose is not the best. Since Sussex Healthcare is the best, they know it’s important to allow people different opportunities for success in the future. By looking at these options, Sussex Healthcare gives everyone a chance to see positivity in the facility.

For Sussex Healthcare to do these things, they need to try everything on their own. They also have to work to give people a chance at a better future. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of the industry is allowing everyone the chance to do things right. They know what it takes and they aren’t afraid to get the help they need. As long as Sussex Healthcare knows how to help people, they feel good about the things that are going on in the facility and with the people who are a part of the facility.

Thanks to Sussex Healthcare, seniors have the care they deserve. They know there are things that help them with the positive parts of their lives and they aren’t afraid to make sure seniors know they’re doing their best. If Sussex Healthcare can continue helping people through the difficult process of aging, they know they’re doing everything right. They also know they’re making decisions that help them secure their future. No matter how hard they work, Sussex Healthcare gives people a chance at a better future so they can see the positive part of getting older.

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Enhanced Athlete for the Win

Enhanced Athlete is a non-profit research company that focuses on cutting edge scientific shortcuts to building muscle, burning, fat and increasing performance. They sell a variety of products to athletes including muscle builders, fat burners and performance enhancers.


The Enhanced brand has two sister companies called Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Coaching is an elite fitness coaching platform that offers a free consultation as well as multiple starter plans and one-on-one training. The Enhanced Gear website is where customers can purchase official Enhanced Athlete merchandise including a variety of clothing items and other athletic staples such as water bottles, lanyards, beanies and hats.


In July 2017, Enhanced Athlete was sued by Nutrition Distribution, a competitor who filed a lawsuit that alleged false and misleading advertising. Filing lawsuits against other nutrition-based companies seems to be a recurring theme for Nutrition Distribution. Over the years they have filed an astonishing amount of lawsuits and letters demanding settlement payments. The repetitive tactics displayed by Nutrition Distribution did not fool the court who denied the motion based on lack of evidence and the inability to establish a sufficient connection linking Enhanced Athletes’ product and marketing with a decrease in Nutrition Distribution’s sales.


Charles Anthony Hughes, also known as Dr. Tony Huge, is a brand ambassador for Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete confirmed that Mr. Hughes does not receive direct compensation for his endorsement of Enhanced Athlete. He simply expresses freedom of speech in his claims, opinions and endorsement of Enhanced Athlete’s products as well as the products of other companies that he values.


Mr. Hughes has made it clear that he believes weightlifters should be able to decide what to put in their bodies. Many companies and members of the community have not been shy about voicing their opinions on Enhanced Athlete and Tony Hughes. Many of these comments have been negative, but despite the widespread speculation over the outcome of the case, Enhanced Athlete’s consumers remain loyal. The Enhanced Athlete community continue to purchase their favorite products, express their support for the non-profit company and write reviews online raving about Enhanced Athlete and their products.

Ian King — Legacy Income and Crypto Coins

Ian King has been heralded as the Warren Buffet of cryptocurrency. He is the modern day Donald Trump without the threat of nuclear annihilation. The fact is, Ian King has done the proper amount of study and practice to make him the best cryptocurrency investor in the sphere. He earned his bachelor degree in psychology from Lafayette College and began working at Peahi Capital. He worked there for 10 years as a long and short equity trader. The complexities of trading in the stock, options, and ETF markets would serve him well in the future. His degree in psychology helped him with the knowledge needed to know how people behave in various economic situations. Crowd dynamics came into play on a daily basis and he learned how to gauge the temperature of the markets and public perception by the movement of technical charts. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.

One day, a friend introduced Ian King to the prospect of bitcoin and ethereum. He was skeptical at the time. However, soon enough he would realize the full potential of this emerging technology. He took full advantage of his opportunity and created his own investing publication: Intellicoins. He joined the team at Banyan Hill as their resident cryptocurrency trading expert and regularly publishes content meant to help beginner and intermediate investors learn more about crypto currency. His earliest skills were developed as a lifeguard and he has carried the lessons of quick thinking and fast reaction with him into the world of investing. His wisdom has served the space well and his tactics have made some people money. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

The method to achieving financial freedom is to first take the advice of those wiser than yourself. Ian King relays his knowledge in a way that regular Americans can understand. Complex topics become easy when he explains them and he makes the methods of investing accessible to anyone with a smart-phone or laptop. The road to financial freedom does not have to be difficult thanks to the writings of Ian King. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are growing everyday and he has broken the technicalities down to a simple science. By following his teaching you will learn the basics of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, blockchains, and investing.


Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is located in the village of Fagali’I on the island of Upolu in Samoa. It is operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. It is an important part of the transportation options that are available in and around Samoa’s capital, Apia, and it has been so since its reopening in 2009.

There are several airlines that have operated from the airport according to Among these are Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways, South Pacific Island Airways, and Samoa Air.

While the airport is not the largest in the region, it is nevertheless an airport that plays a significant role in travel within Samoa. Fagali’I Airport allows for easy access to internal flights between Samoa’s islands. It also offers some international flights.


The airport is conveniently located. Fagali’I Airport is near hotels as well as the host of attractions and activities that the city of Apia and the surrounding region have to offer. Among the area’s various attractions are the Museum of Samoa, the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Piula Cave Pool, Falefa Falls, Upolu, Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, and Papaseea Sliding Rocks. Among the many activities that visitors to the area can enjoy are swimming, snorkeling, photography, picnicking, and much more.

The location also makes the Fagali’I Airport a convenient choice for those seeking to get to or from Samoa’s sole university, the National University of Samoa, or one of the other post-secondary schools that are located on the island. Among these post-secondary institutions is a campus of the University of the South Pacific’s School of Agriculture.


Cognitive Confidence — Jose Hawilla

Entrepreneurs have the common attribute of amassing data. They need the innate data pertaining to their market, anything less is not ideal. They try not for perfection, they only search for completion. The great entrepreneurs apprehend the knowledge that finishing a project create opportunities. Entrepreneurs apprehend that their business enterprise needs the app, the book, and other projects completed before anything. A finished book can invariably be higher in revenue than the one that failed to be printed. After all, if you don’t publish your book or place your project ahead of the general public, it is impossible for it to generate revenue. This can be why computer code developers target tight deadlines for finishing their applications quickly. Once you’ve got the primary application submitted, you’ll still have time to create enhancements and add options.


Entrepreneurs should apprehend that they need to trust themselves. There’s nobody that may create the mission apart from you. Trust in oneself is totally necessary. As a result, there’ll be several detractors and doubters. If an enterprise isn’t able to face doubt, then the enterpriser can inevitably fail. This can be why most self-made entrepreneurs can tell you that they had to trust themselves. This trust isn’t always simple. We have a tendency to lean towards doubts and insecurities. But, these are often overcome. By building your confidence, you’ll become trusting in yourself. Build your confidence one step at a time. Begin by coaching yourself to attain the smaller goals you’ve set, and bit by bit you may accomplish larger goals. Achieving your goals is the quickest method to build trust in yourself. Check out globo to know more.



Jose Hawilla can tell you that he had to trust himself lots of times once he was building his empire. Jose Hawilla is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Brazil. Jose created his huge wealth by changing basic cognitive process in himself. His doubters questioned him at every turn. They couldn’t fathom how to create cash flow from football. But, he followed his dreams and achieved. By beginning tiny and making key deals timely, he was ready to solidify larger contracts later. Jose Hawilla is currently a really powerful man in Brazil.



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