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If you love to drink fine wine, then it is a good idea to profit from it. You can become a Wine Guide and prepare events to host wine tasting.

By signing on to Traveling Vineyard, they have the knowledge and expertise to help and support you start a new business that so many people are passionate about.

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Anyone can be a Wine Guide from stay-at-home moms to people retired. The best part is you are the boss and work when you want to. You decide how many events you want to prepare each month. You get to decide if you want to do this part time or full time. You can build a team or community of people who are interested in wine tasting and it is a ton of fun. You do not have to be a wine expert to be a Wine Guide.

Many Wine Guides describe it as the most fun job they ever had. There are opportunities for more money and bonuses as you reach certain goals and benchmarks. You get a regular paycheck three times a month. Throw a party, sip some fine wines, hang out with fun people, and get paid doing it sounds like a great life.

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