Protein Industry OSI Industries Doubled Revenue In Five Years

McDonald’s Big Macs have become world famous. Children love the Happy Meals and don’t really think about the protein content. The OSI Group has done the heavy lifting, by providing protein in fun, tasty products for the world.

OSI Doubled Revenue in Five Years

Not many global brands can double their revenue in five years, but the OSI Group did. Back in 2011, the company had revenue of $3 billion. By 2016, the business had doubled its revenue to $6 billion. The firm is becoming one of the most influential American private companies.

In fact, Forbes has listed the OSI Group as #58 in terms of American private companies for 2016. Why has OSI been so successful?

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OSI Protein Rebuilds Bodies

You might have learned about carbohydrates, fats in protein during your high school health class. Generally, carbohydrates are used to provide the fast short term energy you need to function every day. Fats are for longer term storage of energy. Proteins are the building blocks of the body.

When a weight lifter does 20 reps at the gym, he is tearing his muscles slightly. That causes the burning sensation in his body. When he drinks or eats protein rich products, he gives his body, the amino acids, which can help him rebuild his body. The result is larger muscles.

Runners do the same as they run for longer distances. Eventually, their leg muscles become larger, stronger and more efficient. Professional and amateur athletes need protein to build stronger bodies. They can get this protein in a rich whey shake or a McDonald’s Big Mac. And, who provide the protein for the Big Mac? The OSI Group.

OSI Industries has become one of the most influential American private food industry companies because it provides a necessary ingredient: protein. Protein is also essential for building your red and white blood cells. These are key to a strong immune system. Doubling revenue within five years might only be the beginning for the protein industry leader: OSI Industries.

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