Rodrigo Terpins and The Inspiration He Gets From His Father To Succeed in Racing

It must be said that there are so many things today that could distract a passionate goal chaser or any achiever. There’s so much fascination we have for characters who always drive to push their limits, because we know how hard it is right now to do. It is hard not because of the lack of skills, confidence, decisiveness and strategic thinking that people have. It’s hard because there are so many distractions. There’s easy pleasure from social media and whole lot of superfluous videos that take one’s time. Fortunately, for racers and achievers like Rodrigo Terpins, these distractions are nothing compared to their drive to achieve their goals.



The Racer Beyond Racing



It is the mission probably of Rodrigo Terpins to make his sports fan father proud. He is in the racing world not because he wants to prove anything because there’s really nothing to prove anymore. He continues to navigate difficult tracks and rallies, such as the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally, because he wants to carry the love for sports that was a legacy from his father. Rodrigo Terpins’ father was a renowned sports enthusiast, too, and was even a volunteer as a director for basketball groups. Without that kind of passionate father about sports, it would be hard for Rodrigo Terpins to get the inspiration that he needs to win a race. You can visit for more details.




The Fruits of His Labor



Fortunately, the efforts of Rodrigo Terpins are often paying off. He maintains the standing in the racing today because he is winning in a series of race victories. With his T-Rex vehicle under the MEM team with his brother Michel Terpins, his willingness to fight for the arduous race tracks and goal that he aims has really brought glory to his name.



There’s more to racing than just racing, true, but Rodrigo Terpins upends that notion by making sure that he always still achieves the goals that he sets for every game he joins: to win it. This won’t be hard to do, though, because with his father as his inspiration, it might seem that there’s nothing else out there that he would not be able to do.