Securus’ Clients give their opinion on the use of the technology in crime resolution

For a long time, Securus has been one of the best providers of technologies used in correctional facilities all over the country. They have a wide portfolio of products that they use including the technology that assures them of public safety, investigations, corrections and monitoring. The company decided to carry out a survey to see what their clients feel about the services they provide and the results are quite encouraging for the group.

The CEO of the company, Rick Smith commented on the reviews and said that he was very encouraged by the amount of support that the company was receiving from their clients. He confided that the main reason people were pleased with their services included their two ideals, the goal to protect and serve all the customers who pass through them. Some of the reactions given by their clients are as follows.

There is one who stated that the company had been very helpful in helping them track the conversations of a rogue staff member that was bringing contraband into the company. They gathered enough information to take to the police and the person was arrested and charged as a result.

The other case was about inmates getting caught with cell phones, which is not allowed in the correctional facilities. Their technology unraveled the case and the people involved in the scandal got arrested and charged in court. The resolution of the case will be done soon.

These are a few examples of the ways in which the company has been helping their clients deal with their day to day issues. The customers have also been sending emails to the company and thanking them for helping make their lives more secure. The CEO stated that the company would keep up the good work regardless of the cost to them.


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