Securus Technologies provides Wireless Containment System to Help Save Lives

Securus Technologies has been contributing immensely to the development of technology for the prison industry. The continuously conducting research and develop products for the benefit of technology that can help prisons and correctional facilities become much safer. Today, it has become one of the top prison communication companies in the United States. The company is dedicated to providing the best service for its client across the country that will also benefit the society as a whole.


The prisons not only keep the criminals contained in one place so that they do not hurt anyone else, but it is also their responsibility to ensure that they mend their ways and do not return. One of the ways to do it is by allowing them to be in touch with their loved ones outside. For this, Securus Technologies offer high-quality communication services to prisons. But, no matter how many precautions you take, there are times when criminals find their way to cheat the system. One of the ways is by using the contraband cell phones that are smuggled into the prisons. The prison officials have taken considerable measure to stop the smuggling of illegal cell phones, but they somehow find their way inside the prison. Prisons prefer to use these cell phones to organize criminal activities inside and outside the prison.


Securus Technologies have introduced wireless containment system in prisons to help solve this particular issue. Using the technology, all the unapproved calls from these contraband phones are disconnected as soon as they come into their range. All calls that need to be made from the prison or to the prison have to be first approved by the system making it much easier to curb the illegal use of cell phones. The technology has brought a sigh of relief to prison officials and their families. In the past, these cell phones have been used to threaten the prison officials and also organize attacks against them and their families.


Among those who found it the hard way is Robert Johnson who was attacked in his home by a gang of criminals. The attack was orchestrated by someone who was serving his sentence inside the prison. Robert was working in prison and was responsible for finding and confiscating illegal materials from prisoners including cell phones. Robert survived even after getting hit by bullets six times but had to spend months in the hospital recovering. He currently spends his time working as a freelancer for Securus technologies and giving his inputs for the creation of technology that can benefit the prison industry. Securus Technologies is among the top communication and technology providers in prisons. They continue to grow because of their innovative products that are helping the prisons contain the criminals and block all illegal outside contacts while they are in there.



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