Sentient AI Bringing forth Ascend

The company of Sentient Technologies was founded by Mr. Antoine Blondeau several years ago. He is also the Chairman of the firm. The business creates technology solutions in order to help companies to achieve better results. In fact, Sentient Technologies believes they have created the most powerful and intelligent such system yet and that it can tackle just about any business problem.


As many good ideas come, the notion of the system came in the shower. Mr. Antoine Blondeau. He was contemplating how to solve problems in a scalable way and came up with the idea of using a distributed AI and the use it applied to a number of things. It sounded simple a first, but the finished product took a lot of work. The finished product can scale its computing process on the CPU side and the GPU side as well. So far, the product has been applied to areas such as digital media and commerce, education, agriculture, health care, as well as biotech. The company is planning on adding more areas and industries to the list in the future.


One of the main aspects and benefits of the technology by Sentient is that the product can work on the principle of natural selection. It rules out options and learns about different problems as it goes. It can even solve problems that it does not know much about. The company refers to that function as the evolution approach, meaning the program evolve in knowledge and capabilities over time.


The program is called Ascend. Sentient has been working on it for more than a year, and so they have accomplished a number of their goals. The experts at the company continue to strive higher, however, so it is to be expected that Ascend will become even more superior in the future as well.


The company of Sentient has a number of labs working with universities and other institutions. The company has the purpose of revolutionizing industries by bringing artificial intelligence (AI) t the table for every area and line of work. Some of the latest projects of the company of Sentient include working on AI for agriculture. The company has been dedicated to its research of evolution computing as well as neuroevolution.


There are about a hundred people working at Sentient. The business has many goals that they are striving to achieve in the near future starting with their first one- Ascend.