TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg is Looking at Different Ways Fashion is Changing

One thing that can be stated about fashion is that the internet is bringing changes to not only the fashion industry, but other industries of business. This new mindset of business involves getting to know the customer. Therefore, it is important for people like Adam Goldenberg to set up the software so that he can gain information about his customers when they are shopping for clothes. However, this can be very hard without the right software. Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg has set up software that can help with the retaining of information about the customer. This is not just for the business, but also for the convenience of the customer.

Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg has made sure that he is able to retain information about his customers so that he can better serve them. This is one of the best ways to not only provide the products and services that the customer desires, but to also make sure that the customer is going to return to the company to shop for more products at

One software that he has set up in order to take on all of the information about each customer is called InHome. This product is one of the most innovative products for fashion because it collects an exhaustive amount of information about the client as it is relevant to the business. Among the pieces of information on that the customer has collected is his taste in the types of clothes that he likes. This is what helps Fabletics and other brands decide on which outfit to send to the customer for free each month of his subscription.

Other things that are collected about the customer is the size of the customer. According to, this helps so that one can understand the average size of the customer that is shopping at the company. One thing that they want to do is make sure that every customer has something that they are looking for.

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