The growth strategy of Fabletics

Most consumers are embracing the growing and advancing technology. It has been noted that most of the people are referring to the internet for opinions. People go online not only to shop but also to find out what others think about particular products or services before pursuing their options. You know times are changing when people no longer look only at price and quality but also at reviews for particular items before they purchase them. Most industries are growing and providing innovative products but without the backup of the users of those products, sales are likely to show a negative growth curve.



Companies that have learned that reviews directly impact their sales have taken up the challenge of satisfying their clients in order to get positive reviews. Fabletics is one of these companies. They put their clients first and focus on understanding their needs so that they are able to offer the right products for them. Fabletics has gone to an extent of analyzing their customer reviews on a regular basis and has used them to come up with products that fit the needs of the clients. Through continuous positive reviews and giving the clients what they want, they have stood out from their competitors. A brand that receives positive reviews from their clients is likely to be at the top of engine search tools. Fabletics is making sure that they give exemplary products and services to their clients so that they are positively rated. This has gone a long way in advancing their position in the athleisure industry.



Fabletics recently launched a partnership with Demi Lovato. Demi loved the fact that Fabletics is not only providing fashionable affordable active-wear for women but it is also empowering women with their products. Kate Hudson was brought into the company as a co-founder and face of the brand. Her lifestyle was a perfect fit for what the brand stood for and she had a lovable personality that went a long way in marketing the brand. Fabletics came up with a lifestyle quiz where their clients answered simple questions and were assisted with recommendations for the clothes that were best suited for them.



Kate Hudson, an actor by profession, entered the business world without any background in business. She worked hard to make sure she was actively involved in marketing the brand and recommending styles that clients were interested in. She created an online presence that was unmissable for the brand and streamlined the communication department. The customer service at Fabletics is exemplary and their clients are well taken care of. This is what has earned them positive reviews and growth in a short period of time. They are continuously growing their membership and they are projecting a positive growth in the coming years. Fabletics will continue focusing on the needs of their clients as they work towards growing the brand further. Their goal is to keep providing quality, fashionable and affordable active-wear for women of all ages and sizes as they motivate them.

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