Tidal Gains Exposure with Desiree Perez

The excitement in the air about a company like Tidal is infectious. People are hearing about the things that Jay-Z has been doing, and they want to know what his next move is. The Tidal X concerts have been receiving rave reviews, but people can only get access to these concerts by way of Tidal. This is something that Desiree Perez knows about quite well. She is the one that is making the push for the exclusive content. What she appears to know so much better than most of the other former Tidal executives is that Tidal is most valuable when it offers the exclusive content.


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That is the angle that Desiree Perez has been pushing. This is what Jay-Z has been able to do with her help. He has been looking for a way to make the site look different. Desiree Perez has been helping Jay-Z explore all of his options. That is the thing that he had trouble with in the beginning of this Tidal acquisition. He just didn’t know what he was capable of doing. He had no idea about what would work and what would not work for the brand awareness of Tidal. It took Desiree Perez to push him in the right direction, see related blog on tumblr.com. She was the one that was telling Jay-Z about new strategies that he need to try. This would be the thing that would lead him to become quite successful as a music streaming businessman. She realized that he didn’t know a lot about the business, but he certainly knows enough to keep the Tidal name hot. Go straight to this related link.


Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have been working hard on the brand awareness. They are making sure that people become familiar with what Tidal offers. The Tidal connection with Sprint will certainly help increase exposure. Continue to read on crunchbase.com.


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  • Karina Lewis says:

    Desiree is one of the persons I wish for to be part of my business team because I believe in exploring new opportunities. Also rush my papers is one of my fans like Jay-Z’s Perez has a support. Any business and Music streaming is no exclusion, needs adequate support personnel.