What we must do for our children in 2018

We all have our different worldviews as to what is important. For most of us, our children are our top priority, and we owe it to them to do what we can for them, even if we aren’t quite sure what it is they need in the Here and Now.

In a recent article, Adam Milstein sums this up perfectly. What we can do for our children is more than the financial and physically supportive aspects. The emotional and sympathetic support that we give them is just as important. Without this, children do not have the tools they need to develop who they want to be and who they should become.

Adam Milstein sums this up with two major concepts, pride, and courage. His philosophy consists of the notion that who is proud the who they are and what they can become we’ll make the most of their tools and skills. Once a child can proud of who they are as well as their heritage, they then need the courage to move forward. According to Adam Milstein, it simply isn’t enough to have a good sense of self-esteem if you do not have the courage to act upon it. Life is full of danger and risks, but a courageous person full of pride is more willing to take on these challenges and achieve in life.

There are many other factors that Adam Milstein considers to be critical, but we quickly see how they can be created with pride and courage. Persistence is the third gift we can give our children, and that gift of persistence becomes all the easier once you are proud enough to be comfortable with your identity and courageous enough to take risks. One successful often cascade into another, making it much easier to be naturally persistent and driven. From here persistence will create knowledge, and the knowledge will breed innovation.

Adam Milstein ultimately believes that all of this comes together in a sense of brotherhood and unity. Once we can teach our children to care for themselves, it will have the ability and resources to help others in their community.


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